Sorry, I still own my bookstore

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How to not read this website:

I live in Durham and I've been to your book store in the past, but I gather you no longer operate it. I'd like to meet you and pick your brains about selling books online.



I’ve never written in a blog before, so this is big moment for a guy like me.

Let him pick your brains, give him good but limited information. You never know how much an act of kindness will turn out.

Or not.

Hard for me to know what to tell someone who wants to start selling used books online. I owned a used bookstore for about fifteen years before doing so myself. Before that I’d worked in a large shop and had spent many years buying from used bookshops around the country.

Not sure how much of that I can pass along as usful advice.

Your feelings?

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Richard Evans Lee
Sorry, I still own my bookstore
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