Weblogs and book publishing 'deals'

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As a used bookdealer I can't help but ask do you want to tell your friends you book's unsold copies have just been sold for their pulpwood value?

Now, you just need a blog and some chutzpah. Blogging is hooking people up with book deals willy-nilly. Have you always wanted to see your name on the shelf at Barnes and Noble? Do you want to tell your friends, "I can't come out tonight, my editor is breathing down my neck"?

How To Get A Book Deal With Your Blog

Not that anything can shake the confidence of the unpublished. Restoring the confidence of the published and unwanted may prove almost as tough.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Weblogs and book publishing 'deals'.

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Richard Evans Lee
Weblogs and book publishing 'deals'
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