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I knew I would probably get something of a stinker when I rented Dirty Love but I figured if I wanted to plunge into contemporary romantic sex comedies I should just jump in.

The cast: Carmen Electra as a faux-negress might have been really excruciating but the poor blond female who had the role of bimbo was so painful to watch that no other role could distract me. That Jenny McCarthy let herself look so unattractive might have been something to esteem had anything in the movie been at all appealing.

Jenny McCarthy’s celebrity status surely sold the script. No complaint. But you’d expect that more experienced screenwriters would’ve been called in to repair it. Or the director would’ve done what he could to work around it (maybe he did !).

I’d say the whole menstruation in the grocery store bit sums it up. Far too long for so little matter. It merited 45 seconds top. It was grossout jokes gone bad in too many cases.

By the time Dirty Love kindly came to and end one’s gratitude to be finished with he film was far more important than any romantic resolution.

Bad, bad, bad: don’t bother to rent this. Really.


50 First Dates isn’t bad for a modern romantic comedy.

Thanks, I’ve added it to my queue.

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