Getting It

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Rumor spreads that a young man has a twenty-four inch penis (making him ten inches longer than John Holmes).

You and I might think the prospect of such formidable manhood would frighten away women. (Really I think this would be too much for the most hardcore gay male size queen.) But in movie land

Women approach him at work wearing only lingerie and girls flash their tits on the street. It seems that two feet is what women really want. Something tells me that this movie was entirely the production of men.

Our hero finds himself in the clutches of a ‘black widow.’ Her voracious horniness literally took her husbands to their graves. For a time he enjoys her exhausting attention. But in the back of his mind he’s really pining away for the girlfriend who wouldn’t have sex with him. His libido sated he deserts the older woman and recaptures the love of his sweetheart.

Nothing about this movie is plausible. And there’s nothing in it to make you forgive all the lapses of taste.

About the theme of the movie. Sure some women do care on one level or another but all are supposed to pretend they don’t. Men vastly overestimate the degree to which women value quantity in itself.

Getting It offers minimal laughs and nothing you’d care to remember. Skip it.

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