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I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to see Who’s Your Daddy but Netflix skipped past Torchwood Doctor Who Season 3 and several other things and sent it to me.

After upchuck and fart jokes, being introduced to the annoying characters and the introduction of a lawyer named Mike Hunt I hit the fast forward button. And kept hitting it.

Who’s Your Daddy probably marks the end of my exploration of contemporary heterosexual teen sex comedies (except for the one that is en route). I don’t expect originality in this sort of movie. Just small novelty of presentation, minor wit, a few pleasing characters. Having had so little luck finding any of those qualities in the movies I’ve been watching I know it is time to surrender.

Back to Myrna Loy and Cary Grant for me.


I thought “American Pie” was pretty good. And I super-enjoyed “Juno” in theaters recently. I’m not sure what counts as a “teenage sex comedy” though.

I thought American Pie lots of fun when I watched it late last year. That is what prompted me to try the others.

I tend to blur the high school and college sex comedies together. Juno isn’t out yet but I’ve added it to my queue - thanks suggestions are always welcome.

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