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I guess I should’ve had a Paris Hilton filter that caused me to automatically reject anything she appears in. But other than knowing that she exists my normal contemporary mass culture filter leaves me knowing little else. Actually I’d seen her in some horror movie where she was neither better nor worse than the other people portraying victims.

I’m sure I’ll avoid her in the future.

National Lampoon’s Pledge This! was the other movie Netflix send from down in my queue. Amazing how much worse it was than much cheaper Mean Sorority Girls movies of prior decades.

More bodily function pseudo-humor than any other movie I’ve ever seen. But no pacing, almost no likeable characters. It was just distasteful, particularly the pledge humiliations.

Having used he fast forward button on Who’s Your Daddy I made myself sit through all of this. Periodically without audio.

Hilton is certainly testimony to what a brand name for a last name combined with a sex tape can do. She isn’t nearly attractive enough to be famous for her looks. She shape of her head is a bit disturbing, not sure why. As are her facial expressions. Not that I object to her fame. The wealthy have always been tabloid fodder and used the prestige that goes with money to attract attention. If people want to give her that attention the aren’t likely to be doing anything more worthwhile should she not exist.

Your feelings?

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