She Should Have Said No!

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If you enjoy old movies, particularly romantic comedies you have to be willing to suspend some of your discomfort with gender clichés. And usually the guy is so helplessly in love with the girl that he exerts himself in wooing not being bossy.

But She Should Have Said No is just too damned expasterating.

The best part of the film is the credits sequence where assorted devices like a traffic signal are used to display “No!”

Our heroine is the author of a boot She Should Have Said No - no to men and their misbehavior. Unless you were Joan Crawford, Katherine Hepburn no wasn’t an allowed part of the female vocabulary in movies back then. Naturally this girl needs to be taught to say yes.

David Niven, in the role of a Life magazine photographer assigned to do a feature on her is the educator. With a level of boneheadedness I’d be reluctant to ascribe to a real professional photojournalist insists on shooting her on the beach with minimal attire. Understandably exasperated she finally walks off.

Later she runs across a copy of the photographer’s book, an account of his exploits and his seductions of complaisant women. That sparks a night of lurid dreams that seems to completely overcome her feminism.

So he track him down at a waterfront dive. Most entertainingly she discovers that her own elegant attire isn’t right for a girl who wants to prove she has “It” and wants to convey “oomph!” she convinces another woman to swap dresses in exchange for her beau (the photographer).

The new clothing brings out her inner slut and she frazzles men’s minds and inspires a bar fight. Ah, the glory of womanhood.

Mayhem and confusion ensues until women bow to the desires of men who their only role is to please.

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