How much is my old vinyl worth?

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Saw that someone came to this weblog hoping to discover "how much is my old vinyl worth."

Short answer: less and less every day. We're slowly decreasing the space we give to used vinyl. Some folks still buy used LPs because they are cheap ways to sample music. A slender group of younger customers buy old records because the are 'cool.'

Many (not all) CDs offer better sound. With older music (from the 78 & 45 eras) they offer cuts that were extremely rare or never released on vinyl. Old 78s retained value often because the music was never released on LP. That is a very small fraction of the surviving 78's. Old Paul Whiteman records became nothing more than environmental hazards.

The few old records that will continue to be collected are the ones that a book collector would describe as having bibliographic significance: rare first issues of Beatles music, say.

But the collectors for this material will continue to dwindle. An uncommon and interesting old record might not be destined for the trash pile but there's no reason to hope that it will rise in value.



I have a question; I have 6 records that are from GMC instruction how to use your first Washing Machine and Refrigerator. Theyíre about 6 inches larger than the LP’s and in Mint condition. I was wondering how old these records were, what the speed was called and the possible worth. It would be great if someone would get back to me Thank you for your time. Michelle.

The only 17” records I’ve heard of were transcriptions for radio broadcast, the earliest way many radio program were syndicated.

Some played at approximately 16 rpm but I don’t know if that was always true. The slower speed allowed for a longer recording.

Value? I couldn’t guess. My suggestion would be to search eBay for transcription record auctions and see what people are offering and what they are getting. They probably aren’t common but may be mainly historical curiousities with few collectors.

Richard, I was going through your website yesterday after I asked my question (Thank you by the way for helping me.) and came across your “Wrestling with Christians” topic and had to read it because I have been a Christian since I was 9 years old, which is 20 years now.

You know the one thing that gives Christianity a bad reputation is the way Christian’s act toward people. I have not had the opportunity to go through life doing what I wanted and not knowing Jesus. He was, as much as a part of my family as my own mother and father. So I never got that opinion “I’m saved now”, so I have to be perfect and hate non-Christians and tell them how bad they are.

I have the same struggles everyday of my life to stay focused on God, and I still fail miserably. I guess I wanted to say that Iím sorry claiming Christianity has to hurt so many people when it should be bringing us closer together. For this reason I have not attended a intuitional church in three years. I could not live up to their picture of a “perfect” Christian. And if they think they are, then they’re only fooling themselves and GOD. I go to home fellowships where we pray and sing. Itís nice to know people who love God as much as I do and who struggle with everyday life and admit it.

Richard, I know you are an Atheist and that’s today. You never know when something or someone will change that. All Iím saying is I love everyone and pray that you too will not hate all Christians or christian books because the way people who claim to be Christians act. Itís not about Christians following Christians. Itís about me following Christ, who loves you just as much as he loves me.

I do not believe that ďFocus on the Family” is a code-word for “homophobic”. I do believe that we have gotten way to far away from kids respecting their parents and teachers, families having dinner together to discuss their days and that soccer became more important. I truly believe that we need all the help we can get to get back to that.

I hope I have not hurt you in any way and that you will accept my apology for all the people professing to be Christians that have hatred in their hearts but wonít admit they are not perfect.

Your Christian Friend Always Michelle T. Vestal

My aunt has all these old records in her closet mostly country music, but some are jehovah’s witness ones too,they are bible storys and hyms, are they worth any thing? They are in really good condition they dont have any scratches at all.How can i tell how big they are. If i got all the names of them Could you price them for me? Thanks.

i have found an original metallica (kill them all) LP. How much is it worth?

Go to eBay and see how much it is bringing at auction.

Dear Richard, I was just wondering if you could tell me how much The Beatles White Album (It’s numbered) would be worth now? Or if it’s worth anything. I also have a record entitled Love Songs from The Beatles. Would this be worth anything? I know that they only made a small amount of these records. Also, which of The Beatles records are worth something? Thanks for your help :-) -Marla

Where can i find a database for Vinyl albums , as in information on an album based on its Lp number from record its self IE: Mercury SD 1024

I have two red vinyl albums. One is Jerry Butler and the Impressions, the other is The Dells. Both are limited edition series. Can you tell me what they would be worth? Thanks

I’m trying to find the David Bowie “Man Who Sold the World” LP, and its various alternate covers….I’m especially trying to find out how much the Mercury recording is worth….has a Harry Crumb-esque cover with a man carrying a rifle.

4years ago I bought a house, I was looking at some of the stuff that came in it and I fount a old vinyl record collection has to over 200 records all of them are in the 60’s up to the 80’2 n 90’s how do i find out how much they are worth??

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How much is my old vinyl worth?
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