Old vinyl (...hiss...pop...hum...)

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We still sell old LPs.

Winamp 5

But fewer and fewer. There will always ben collectors for discographically significant and rare Beatles, Elvis and other faves of various generations. But most old vinly will go the place of old lacquer (78s) and 8-Tracks.


I ran a small non-profit used & rare bookstore in Cambridge MA for a couple of years. We did a fairly brisk business in LP’s, mostly because we sold them for 50 cents each. One Saturday afternoon a guy brought his wide-eyed 10 year old daughter in, walked her her to the LP section, and gave her an educational lecture called “Vinyl records 101”. She’d never seen one before. buaaah-huh!

Collectable records & music magazines. Regularly updated listings of collector’s items by most popular artists from the 1920s to present. Specializing in original Australian pressings by Australian artists, with a large selection of items by most international artists as well. Also a unique section featuring vintage music magazines from the late 1960s onwards such as GOSET (Australia), NME, Record Mirror etc. For further details, please visit this site:

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Secondhand Music
Old vinyl (...hiss...pop...hum...)
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