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We've taken to selling some of our CDs on Amazon. Nobody in Durham, NC has bought any of the various gay men's chorus discs we've had sitting in the bins for years. Similarly various odd categories of music can be sold more readily online than out of the shop. And a few out of print CDs bring more on Amazon than we'd ever think of asking of the local folks.

I've grown used to the people who want to donate books thinking we are a public library. But this email shows a surprising inability to understand that we sell things for a living. My partner and I each have thousands of compact discs and no interest in iPods, P2P networks or MP3s.

I'm on emergency leave from Iraq. My chopper pilot is a big fan of Jimmy Buffett. I have been looking for rare CD's to take back when I return and I saw that you have Changes in Lattitudes, Changes in Attitudes on a gold CD.

Would you be willing to make a copy of this to trade for a copy of something I may have.

My pilot will be very surprised if I had a copy of this for him when I return to the war.

If you're interested please reply and I'll send you a list of stuff I have. I hope we can work out a trade. My crew and I would appreciate it.

Just click the order button, OK?

Of course saying he's on leave from a war zone may be an attempt to appeal to our patriotism. Sorry, fellah, wrong audience. Whether or not you've opted for a military career or are just trying to sucker us, we don't care. We just want your money, honey.

Your feelings?

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Sorry we don't make copies of CDs
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