The $2.00 CD Gambit

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Standing on the store's porch smoking a cigarette I watched a young man start picking up litter in our parking lot. A litter fetishistic or someone almost dementedly annoyed by scattered wastage?

He even picked up a dozen cigarette butts. After a couple of minutes he tossed his gatherings into the garbage can.

Approaching me he asked my name. I told him.

Addressing me as "Richie" - truncating or modifying my name is impermissible unless I'm in love with you - he invited me to sell him a CD for $2.00.

I told him we weren't open. (Having the most damnable sleeping habits I get there three or four hours before opening.)

He pointed out that he'd picked up trash in my lot.

"Uh. Huh," I replied.

The young man stalked off with a disgusted swagger.

At first I thought this was a novel approach until I remembered that winos do the like all the time.

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The $2.00 CD Gambit
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