Roller Disco Prom

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One day I'll have to write about selling on eBay. My shop doesn't ordinarily deal in used videos (impossible to be sure of the quality of the tape). But we take all sorts of things people bring in think we can sell them on eBay. Once we were shocked to have an old martial arts movie sell for $200.00.

We're trying to dump a bunch of VHS tapes for $2.99. This morning brings an email from someone who noticed we have an old teen slasher movie, Graduation Day (worth watching only to see Carolina Munro) up for auction.

hi , i was wondering in your movie graduation day , was there a roller disco scenes at their prom in there , if so can u only make me a copy of that scene since i'm not a horror fan?

Perhaps he just assumes we're awfully nice people who'd be glad to do to that without charging for our time or for the cost of the tape. He should just bid $2.99 which is probably what the tape will sell for if it sells at all.

More happily my copy of ACG's silly, sexist Dizzy Dames comic book has shot up to $26.00 from the minimum bid of $4.99.

Your feelings?

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