A hidden homosexual Hitler?

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Was (or is) Hitler, Robbie Williams, Jesus, my uncle Carlyle* gay? A favorite idle question by someone who wants attention. I'm surprised we haven't seen the press report a guy who says that he knows David Beckham is gay because of their torrid affair.

Hitler was a nut. An evil nut with political power that let him let him wreck the lives of millions. Imagine what John Ashcroft would do as dictator. A queer Hitler wouldn't imply anything worse than a heterosexual Hitler.

A faux documentary The Hidden Fuhrer reprises this old canard about Hitler's sexuality.

Naturally, as the movie trots out story after story of Hitler's homosexuality, some possible and others quite ridiculous, you may find yourself tempted to wonder. But ultimately, the movie fails to persuade, as it continually falls back on dramatic rumors and leaps in logic.

Was Hitler in closet? And if so, so what?

* He spent many years as a kept boy in Key West.


I can understand if someone wanted to tar any group, they’d want to se if they could hit Hitler with the same brush. Was Hitler a Republican? How about an Environmentalist? Hey, pick any group and someone else as bad (if you can): Was Pol Pot a Catholic? Was Stalin a member of the 700 Club? Was Nixon a Mason? :)

The bad thing is it works: I happen to share a birthday with Hitler. For a long time it was just a bizarre joke. But later I found myself dating a Jew, and I didn’t want her to find out. Thank god I don’t have to worry about her any more. :)

By the way, were you aware you were posting this on Hitler’s birthday?

Nah, I guess Hitler had to have a birthday. I was just following a few homophobic news threads.

Other people were born on that day. Probably even other famous people. I have no idea who if anybody I share June 8th with.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about A hidden homosexual Hitler?.

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A hidden homosexual Hitler?
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