Am I gay or a pervert?

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Here's a weird bit of homophobia. How to discern the 'gays' from the 'perverts?' Which am I? Which are you? Not that any sensible queer is going to care what an ancient official of the steadily retrogressing Catholic Church thinks of their sexuality.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Belgian cardinal has been quoted as saying only five to 10 percent of lesbians and gays are actually gay and the rest are "sexual perverts".

"I am willing to write in my own blood that of all those who call themselves lesbian or gay, a maximum of five to 10 percent are effectively lesbian or gay," Cardinal Gustaaf Joos, 80, told the Belgian weekly P-Magazine on Wednesday.

"All the rest are just sexual perverts," Joos added.

"I demand you write that down," said Joos ...

Cardinal says "most gays are perverts"

An odd constrast to:

LONDON (Reuters) - Scottish police have been told not to ask people if they are married in case it causes offence to gays ...

Police Told to Watch Their Ps and Qs

Back here in the land of the sometimes free and home of the often timid:

PLANO, Texas (Reuters) - Conservative U.S. Episcopalians, angered by the recent consecration of an openly gay bishop, said on Tuesday they had formed a new network within the church in a move that could possibly lead to a schism.

The Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Parishes is comprised of 12 dioceses that represent about 10 percent of the 2.5 million U.S. Episcopalians. Its leaders hailed the new formation as a "glorious and historic day" and called on other parishes to join the ranks.

Conservative Episcopalians Form New Network

The American Episcopal Church is tiny; this may receive more press in countries where the Anglican Communion is significant religious force. American Episcopalians are among the most liberal churchgoers but older members have become increasingly alienated by the approval of women priests and now the gay bishop. The conservative Anglican Bishops of Africa have sometimes meddled in the US church's affairs by sending conservative priests to America to inflame local congregations.


Perverts? It’s the breeders that are perverts, spewing out one brat after another in our already grossly overpopulated planet, then having the unmitigated gall to bash and marginalize us mature me who dont cause overpopulation. Many of those heteros are busily molesting underage minors of the opposite sex while spreading their lies that gays like minors to cover up for knocking up the twelve year old girl they statuatorily raped.

A friend of mine had this brother who at fifteen shacked up with a woman who was supposedly their aunt, sex and all, then went on a gay-bashing campaign. What hypocrites! Just as bad if not worse was the fifteen year old whore next door who failed to abort one of her john’s brat and was taking taxpayers’ (our)money (welfare) to raise it.

Your feelings?

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Am I gay or a pervert?
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