Catholic Psychologist: Gay Sex of No Value

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Sometimes I think that Roman Catholic clergy are more afraid of gay people than rednecks. Monsignor Tony Anatrella is a psychologist.

“It (homosexuality) does not represent a social value and even less so a moral virtue that could add to the civilisation of sexuality,” Monsignor Anatrella said. “It could even be seen as a destabilising reality for people and for society.”

Easing frustration is very stabilising. And erotic self-fulfillment is a virtue.

No social value in gay sex


What Mr. Anatrella fails to make known is that his opinion has absolutely no basis in fact, as is the case with many “moral principles” presented in religion.

It may be true that gay sex does not exactly present a “moral virtue,” but it’s not as if hetero sex does either. And to go so far as to say that gay sex could destroy people and society, that’s just absurd. Homosexuality, bisexuality, and everything else in the non-100%-heterosexual range (which includes pretty much everyone on this planet) has been around for as long as humans have walked the earth, and as of yet, I’ve seen absolutely no “destablishing” effects caused by it. Maybe “destablishing” to the archaic cultural norms presented by the Church, but in my opinion, sexual progression in society is a good thing.

It’s outrageous what some of the religious fanatics are saying nowadays. If people didn’t have sex, I have no doubt they’d end up going crazy. I would. Or, at least, they’d be very deprived individuals.

People need to stop attempting to identify themselves as somehow “morally superior” to others and accept the fact that sex, when practiced safely and consensually, is not bad, whether it’s with someone of the opposite sex or with someone of the same sex.

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Catholic Psychologist: Gay Sex of No Value
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