Chapel Hill plans to recognize gay marriages

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If you follow sports you may know Chapel Hill, NC as the home of the Tarheels. The team's color is light blue and bumper stickers ask why God made the sky Carolina blue. As the most liberal spot in North Carolina Chapel Hill is understandably proud of itself, another bumper stick used to proclaim that it was the pat of butter in a sea of grits.

Very welcome but unsurprising news:

CHAPEL HILL -- The Town Council voted unanimously Wednesday to ask state legislators to do away with North Carolina's "defense of marriage" law, which bans same-sex marriages.

Town: Zap 'defense of marriage' law in N.C.

Openly gay town council member Mark Kleinschmidt has spearheaded the effort to recognize gay marriages. He realizes the request may fall on deaf ears in the legislature.

Chapel Hill Moves Forward With Plans To Recognize Gay Marriages

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Sodomitical Polity
Chapel Hill plans to recognize gay marriages
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