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I routinely delete the days' homophobic emails and comments. If I had a passion to preserve them I guess I could create a special weblog. But to say that most homophobes are pedestrian would be elevating. Perhaps it was merely bend of mood that made this one catch my attention.

True christians do not think themselves to be better than anyone anywhere! Though it is true that we believe that homosexuality is wrong because God tells us that it is wrong.

Horrifyingly there's a kernel of truth in this. For all manner of white bread born-again the wrongness of queerness is a fact. It is right there next to Jonah being swallowed by the whale and the earth being created in seven days (not to mention people, paradise and a devil to tempt them into unending, unendurable torture). The accept this simple datum the way your physics professor did the ionic bonding of Calcium.

I must also state that I have never met a truely happy homosexual. They will always say that they are but they are lying.

Where do they go to meet homos? Probably ex-gay creepazoids on the 700 Club. Probably never visit one of those nice small neighborhood gay bars that exist in America's cities, sort of queer Cheers. Or the gay couples that have spent decades together tending their roses. And let us not forget the circuit party boys and queer sex geeks who know how to live the life. Divorce and adultery statistics tell us all we need to know about happy heterosexuals.

When they have a relationship with a man it is usually because they have been hurt by a man previously in life and are looking for that male to male relationship to fill that hole in their life. Having a male partner does not fill the hole.

The hole ... how can you not have a Beavis and Butthead moment?

A friend of mine works with homosexuals and has "converted" many homosexuals to being straight. Every single one of them are much much much happier than they ever were when they were homosexual. So true christians actually CARE for homosexuals.

Indeed I'm sure they care so much about us they'd be happy to put us in conversion camps if they could.


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i’ll probably be shot for saying this, but you know the whole thing is just a generalisation, bout christians, and them being “homophobick” i agree many are but thats just sad and they really need help, i mean im a christian , and i just think eeach to there own what ever floats your boat, i dont get the whole problam with it, if your atrafcted to some one of the same sex then thats fine, i mean yeah , im not homosexual but i do have a lot of friends that are, and thats fine wit me (even though i am a chirstian) i mean the one thing i do draw the lign at is indepth deatail about the guy or girl they screwed the other night, but then again that just goes with anything cos i dont wanna know what my straight friends get up to so yeah, sorry if this is at all an insult

Angle Eyes:

As long as you don’t want to hurt or limit me or mine I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, or whatever.

Anyway, that ‘christian’ who wrote to you…am I to believe that he/she believes in re-incarnation by what was written in that article?

When they have a relationship with a man it is usually because they have been hurt by a man previously in life and are looking for that male to male relationship to fill that hole in their life. Having a male partner does not fill the hole>God tells us that it is wrong.

To be fair to the poor fool he didn’t say a previous life. His mind is such a confused, self-pitying clutter you can only guess what he feels about anything.

ok i dont know how that any of thies coments have relevance to wat i said ?? i’m just asking if any of them were directed at me ??


Angle Eyes:

Only the comment which I began with your name was addressed to you.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Christians love queers.

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