Do you get homophobic weblog comments?

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Do you get them?

im gay and i got the poo on me

Eloquently inarticulate isn't it? A homophobic comment left on this weblog. One of many.

Pansexual Sodomite, my personal weblog, is probably the least read of my six weblogs. Amorous Propensities is about sexuality, no surprise that it hogs the traffic. (I've talked about sex here too, but how many people give a hoot about the atypically gendered/)

Not that I'm bitching about being another obscure member of the weblogging multitude. If I were to write "30 Days to a Popular Weblog" I'd offer two tips as a Formula For Proven Success: post naked pictures or two about politics. While I've written how to get all the free nude photos you want I'm not going to post them here. I'd do that before I'd jabber on about politics. Don't claim to know enough to evaluate many things. Don't want to add too much to the gross national ignorance product. But if I were to play pundit on a daily basis I could get linked up and quoted. Not because of any knack I have. From looking at political weblogs almost any cracker who feels like viewing with alarm or damning the admittedly damnable political classes can attract an audience.

I am being discovered by more and more Googling homophobes. Since there is no God nobody knows what is on some of these poor critters minds. Skimming the search phrases that brings them here would be saddening if the 'phobes weren't so contemptible.

two queers having sex

No out and proud gay man would ever phrase it that way. A man like that much be a closet in the back of the basement under a pile of old junk.

finding a queer to fuck

I've certainly found myself doing that but didn't quite think of it that way.

Some gay men might search Google for "fags" or "faggots" looking for homophobic pages. Hopefully for a research paper or, hell, even just to abuse homophobes. I've cheerfully called myself a fag, gay men of the 70s often did that to reclaim the word for our use instead of the 'phobes, to assert interpretation of our sexuality. So I find myself coming home to read, "you sick queer fuck." I guess I could give him points for concision if not prose style or inventiveness.

No end of tortured words about penises and butts. Likely cause he really wants someone's former in his latter. The desire to be fucked is the closet case's greatest shame. Lord knows the creepy bisexual men I used to encounter online seemed unable to think of anything else. (Of course back then my "sissy loving ways" used to get things just about as bad from self-proclaimed 'butch' gay men.)

About the only insult I don't get are invitations to "suck my dick." Not that I've ever found the taste for rough trade anything other than spooky.

Inadvertently I've become the first thing you see if you search Google for sodomite. Maybe I'm getting visits from earnest youth Bible fans looking for scripture citations. Praise the Lord and pass the KY.

Do other openly gay webloggers get many visits from slack jawed homophobes?

And I see that I'm not the only one: MeriBlog : Meri Williams' Weblog. (Added: 12/15/2003)


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Haven’t gotten any homophobic comments quite yet, but then again, I’ve only recently gone “public”

In any case, such comments only make me laugh - and wonder how many brain cells they’ve killed with all that paint sniffing :)


p.s. out of your blogs, this is the one that I actually read most frequently, btw ;)

Richard, I’m not obviously queer enough to warrant the homophobes, but I would like to point that “Praise the Lord and pass the KY” is so good, it ought to appear on a t-shirt.


I’m not too bummed about the homophobes. Partly I just wanted to bitch about it a little. And I’m trusting Google to give the entry enough prominence so that if someone who is getting them feels hurt by them maybe they?ll come this way and we can talk about it.

The folks who read my personal stuff matter more to me that the folks who read the sexuality and atheism weblogs.



Maybe I should go to café press. It’d surely be more popular than “Small town diva boy your mascara is smeared and I love you.” My own favorite sentence from writing online because it sums up my sexual past in so few words.

Your feelings?

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