Do you kiss your queer beloved in public?

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A very long time ago I used to make out and hold hand with guys in public. True a little wine may have loosened me up at the office party or the ride home on the bus. And I was living in San Francisco those many years ago when I'd hold my boyfriends hand as we walked down the street.

At the University of Michigan:

"The kiss that we share with each other at the end of the rally represents all of the oppression we face from people who assume that everyone is a heterosexual," said Weltman, an LSA junior.

Kiss-In Rally Rounds Out Queer Visibility Week

I kissed Charles in the front yard a couple of hours ago as he left to help a friend. We live in dinky Durham North Carolina. We don't live in a gay ghetto. Our edge of Northgate Park is what folks politely call transitional. You can go one way for some crack, another to look at the nice houses.

It is a lower middle class slice of the neighborhood. Heterosexuals surround us, we're the only gay folks here. I know at least one neighbor has called us fags. Shrug. She's an unhappy old Baptist bitch who spends her time talking to herself when there's no neighbor about to pester.

Is it really so hard to kiss your same-sex beloved in public?


No. The only people I ever kissed in public were my Mother and Grandmother.(both now gone)

Now I’ve been known to give a good bye peck on the cheek to a friend at the airport but not a kiss. Not in public. Not even at a Gay bar at midnight. It doesn’t bother me if others kiss in public. Even with extreme passion.

But its just not my thing.

Wait… One week ago on the steps of the Oregon courthouse at the end of our wedding vows. I kissed my Husband square on the lips and with a great deal of passion. He almost went into shock he didn’t think I woud do it. (he knows me well) But hey! Its not like you get married everyday.

i would - depending where i was. metropolitan usa: sure - i might even grope a little. waco texas at the local denny’s - doubtful. not that i’m ashamed or anything, just don’t want to get my ass kicked. since i seem to gravitate towards larger cities, chances are i’d be (or am) guilty of a little PDA.


I’m one of those very demonstrative people. Plenty of straight people don’t express affection in public.


I’m sure there are places where it wouldn’t be prudent. Just depresses me that there are probably gay people who won’t do it for fear of being mocked.

I know this is about gay kissing in public. Let me as a straight man, put in my two cents worth. I have a straight male friend who feels comfortable exchanging a kiss on the lips in public as a sign of our friendship.

That is really remarkable. The cliché is that European men are more comfortable with visible displays of affection with other men than Americans. Don’t know if it true.

I’ve been kissed by many gay men who were just saying I like you. It wasn’t sexual in any sense: just a way of saying you are a good guy to know.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Do you kiss your queer beloved in public?.

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Do you kiss your queer beloved in public?
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