Don't drop the soap

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what's up, homo? Don't drop the soap.

Someone emailed that to me three times. I don't get it. Do heterosexuals have a special relationship with soap?


LOL! Sounds like high school locker humor to me.

Probably something I missed out on by refusing to take PE in high school. Not sure what happens when the soap drops but maybe it is best that way.

Pathetic. I think the admonition is usually to the hetero, not the homo, not to drop the soap. I love it when backwards people get their cliches backwards, too.

Just in case it’s not belaboring the obvious: I think the idea is that if hetero is in a communal shower with a homo and he bends over all the way to pick up his dropped soap, if homo sees his sweet ass pucker he will instantly be aroused and be unable to stop himself from raping hetero’s sweet hole. Ridiculous.

No harm in belaboring. I didn’t get it at all until you explained it.

It’s simple. The soap gets dropped, sometimes on purpose, and a willing bottom bends over to pick it up to examine a man’s genetalia or to simply make his holes available to a horny top. Some “virgins” in prison showers make the mistake of picking up the soap in front of a horny top stud of a man who then takes advantage of the person picking up the soap, either by grabbing his ass or his ears and ramming it in.

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