Fear of two men kissing

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The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune exhibits a peculiar notion of what is in good taste:

Ben Taylor, the newspaper's senior vice president of communications, told the station: "Our feeling was that this was an advertisement for an event, and two men kissing was clearly meant to be inflammatory. It was not in good taste in the context of what it was advertising."

Newspaper refuses to run ad of two men kissing

The ad was for the Minneapolis gay pride parade.

While I find kissing a guy inflaming I've never thought it inflammatory. Then again I'm not a timid executive afraid of offending a few subscribers or advertisers.

If I were world dictator I'd probably lockup homophobes who writhe at the site of gay people expressing affection in a room that showed gay porn nonstop. Surely after a month of that they'd find queer kisses more boring than hateful.

I trust all of you are doing your best to be as inflammatory as possible every day.


u know what that is so fucked up u ppl make me sick that is hoibal u wont show something b/c of the sexuality its like ur tellin them that they shouldnt be a guy because he loves another guy so ur tellin them they shouldnt have a penis so whos really to blame? its ur fuckin god! and in the bible doesnt it say to love all god creatures? well a gay is one of his mother fuckin creatures or are u tryin to say tht god isnt real? do u have an answer to that? or is that to real for u ppl

I am not homosexual in any sense but I think the sight of 2 men(or women) kissing is something that can be beautiful. Now, not many want to see a full on make out session out of any couple in public (gay or straight) but I think that someone wanthing to take this picture down is a little behind the times. I could go on and on about this but-I’ll stop :)

I must say that I agree with you not showing the picture!! May God richly bless you for keeping some moral values alive in our society today. Everyone seems to be able to justiy wrong doing. Homosexuality is straight from HELL and it is just a matter of time before our long suffering God Almighty gets feed up!!

Yeah Judy you know what? You’re a bitch. God loves everybody, even homosexuals. Being gay doesn’t come straight from hell, no in fact that would be you. Bitch.

Your feelings?

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