Gay marriage comes to computer games

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Coming soon to the Sims. The article is well worth reading.

When news of the marriage in Temple of Elemental Evil spread online, several discussion boards exploded, with a few players complaining that the Elemental Evil game was "trying to force this gay crap down our throats." It will be interesting to see the reaction when The Sims 2 launches because while The Temple of Elemental Evil and Final Fantasy are certainly path-breaking, they're still niche games aimed at the geek-core audience. Middle America doesn't know they exist. The Sims, in contrast, is the biggest family-friendly game of all time.

Clive Thompson, Slate: The Game of Wife


I love it! I think one of the best ways to increase acceptance of gay marriage is to make the idea pervasive yet recessed…in other words, to make it a non-event, just something that’s there and is no big thing.

Sometimes we as a society make mountains of molehills simply because others of us make mountains of molehills. But if we treat molehills as molehills, I think they’ll stand a better chance of staying molehills.

The size of those mountains and molehills vary considerably with where you love.

Not that indirect influences aren’t valuable. There are probably a few people whose homophobia as been diminished or banished by watching Will & Grace.

Your feelings?

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Gay marriage comes to computer games
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