Gay Marriage Freedom Trail leads to Canada

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Not owning shares of Hershey or Hallmark I'm indifferent to Valentine's Day. But gay marriage has become the defining issue for us queer folk in 2004 CE.

Canada is playing Cupid for five same-sex couples from the United States who are in Toronto to wed on Valentine's Day.

The couples from California, Florida, Missouri, New York and Illinois are here as part of a "civil marriage trail," said Brendan Fay of New York City, a co-organizer of the weekend event.

"The couples are making the journey to Canada in memory of the historic Freedom Trail route. Slaves made their way to Canada and found freedom and equality denied to them in the U.S.," said Fay, who came up with the idea after he and his partner, Tom Moulton, married in Toronto last summer.

Gay Valentines visit city to say 'I do'


Despite all the hype and debates re gay marriage I am still in the dark (amazingly) as to what it means to marry in a remote place that allows such marriages - but what happens when you go back? I suppose the fact that you just got married is completely ignored and not recognized. Right?

So it’s really just a symbolic ceremony then and not a civil contract of any sort. But then why travel to those far-away places if you can pretty much stage just as good a ceremony at home or a specially rented hall - I mean, whatever might make it feel more like a seminal occasion.

I am not really getting this so far :-0

For some gay people the symbolic impact of a recognized marriage is either personally important or a political statement. Or maybe both.

All I care about is making sure that Charles gets my property so I won’t be rushing North.

In American gay people are engaged in a culture and legal war with the contemptible majority. The Canadian gay weddings may not have any tangible effect but why the heck not whether for your own satisfaction or to shame your own bigoted country?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay Marriage Freedom Trail leads to Canada.

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Gay Marriage Freedom Trail leads to Canada
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