Gay marriage = marital mayhem!

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One thing about the Christian conservative zealots: they say nuttier things than you could make up for them.

''If you let the horse out of the gate too far, it's hard to get the horse back in,'' Mat Staver, president of the Liberty Counsel, a conservative, Orlando, Fla.-based law group, told the three-judge panel.

Gay-marriage foes take case to federal court

The plaintiffs contend that if gay marriages continue, only to be outlawed then, there will be more "marital mayhem" with legal challenges and complicated questions of child custody, benefits, tax filings, and other issues, said Mat Staver, president of the Liberty Counsel, a conservative law group based in Orlando, Fla.

Coalition asks US court to halt gay marriages

Somewhat pathetically their gay party-mates will be running 350 minutes of television advertising that'll surely influence George Bush. Poor log cabin queers keep telling themselves that he's accepting bad advice from fundagelicals. Actually Bush II is working on the advice of some secular party strategists who had all this worked out last year.

A national organization of Republicans who back gay rights will bring a 30-second television ad to the Toledo area that opposes President Bush's call for a constitutional amendment against gay marriages.

The ad will run more than 700 times on local television stations, Christopher Barron, political director for the Log Cabin Republicans ...

Gay advocates start TV ad campaign

Better to support homophobes than vote for John Kerry isn't it you greedy little homos?

Your feelings?

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Sodomitical Polity
Gay marriage = marital mayhem!
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