Gay marriage vs. god's people in the USA

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American Gay people's war against the Christian majority continues every day as pastors and politicians seek to make their case or career by persecuting those of us who either want to control the inheritance of our property or solemnize our commitment with the beloved same-sex person with whom we hope to share our finite time.

Is there a more gay friendly city in America than San Francisco?

Clutching rosaries and chanting prayers, the mass of gay marriage opponents then marched a several-blocks loop back to the church. Many held signs with pictures of the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

About 1,000 Catholics march against gay marriage in San Francisco

In Salem, OR local moral philosophers weigh in:

How can anyone separate righteousness from our states? They have to go together. Without the righteous heart of our leaders, there canít be a divine guidance, therefore the destruction of our country.

I am appalled at the ignorance of these ones who do not know how our country was started with righteous leaders. Hear me, gay lifestyle is as un-righteous as any other sin.

Gay marriage letters

Otter Tail County, Minnesota tells us:

Proposals receiving unanimous approval included-- supporting life imprisonment without parole for violent sexual predators, placing emphasis on creating job and business opportunities to retain and draw people to OTC communities and supporting an amendment to the Minnesota constitution and U.S. Constitution that defines marriage as a legal union of one man and one woman and another.

OTC Republicans want Bush, ban on gay marriage, U.N. withdrawal

Detroit, Motor City, home of gay icons like The Supremes:

The proposed amendment would add to the Constitution the sentence: "To secure and preserve the benefits of marriage for our society and for future generations of children, the union of one man and one woman in marriage shall be the only agreement recognized as a marriage or similar union for any purpose."

Petition drive to ban gay marriage launched

Back on the Left Coast, in Oregon, God's chosen gather to stand against gay marriage.

"This is the Waterloo, this is the Gettysburg," he said, adding that it is up the churches to deal with it. ...

"This isn't something we wanted to do," Ray Cotton, pastor of the New Hope Community Church, said about his reasons for hosting the meeting. "This is something we had to do."

Speakers discussed plans to use an initiative to amend the state constitution to recognize only a marriage between a man and a woman.

Pastors rally to protest gay marriage

Connecticut citizens are kinder:

Seventy-four percent of those asked say they support the idea of a law to allow same-sex couples to legally form civil unions.

However, when asked about gay marriages, 49 percent support the idea while 46 percent are opposed.

State residents split over gay marriage

Sadly Sen. William J. "Pete" Knight is kinder about his son David than my homophobic male parent would've been.

"We've had homosexuals since time immemorial," he said, "and nobody cared as long as they did their work and they didn't flaunt their sexuality and didn't try to push it on you and say, 'You have to accept me.' But now they are going to say they want to be classified as normal, and I can't accept the fact that two men, married, is normal."

For father and son, gay marriage is the ultimate wedge issue

Meanwhile, back in New England:

The New Hampshire Christian Coalition supports the bill as written, arguing that recognizing gay marriage would ''continue the eradication of this nation's fundamental traditions centered on the belief in God, country and family,'' according to a letter to the Senate last month.

House Judiciary Committee to hold hearing on gay marriage

Important to the backward citizens of Mississippi :

GAY MARRIAGE: Amend the state constitution to ban same-sex unions, which already are banned under state law.

Gay presence could be city's economic edge

Status of bills in the Mississippi Legislature

A citizen offers the possibility that the Pope isn't infallible.

The most fanatic can still insist that it's wrong "just because," and that their eyes deceive them. But homosexuality, like heliocentricity, is threatening because it undermines the supposed infallibility of the Bible -- this time with regard to moral questions -- and thereby forces people to think for themselves, a prospect many find deeply troubling.

Old heresies, new realities

Oops & Missing Daughter Depts.

One day after Penguin Books announced it was reissuing a book by Lynne Cheney, the wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, that featured steamy lesbian love scenes - the publisher says it has decided not to release the novel

Cheney Halts Plan For Lesbian Book Release

The ghost of Adam Smith rises in favor of gay peopel (in Orlando FL anyway):

A thought can be worth a billion dollars, so the people who can provide those thoughts are a hot commodity. A leading indicator of where they want to live is the number of gays in a community.

Richard Florida, a respected economist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and author of The Rise of the Creative Class, has documented the correlation. His research found that cities with a strong gay presence also tended to be leading cities in new technology and patents per capita.

Gay presence could be city's economic edge

Two wonderful gay women share their feelings:

She felt as if chains were being lifted, she says. When you grow up gay and spend your whole life thinking you will never hear those words said to you, somehow don't deserve to hear them, their meaning is overwhelming, Posner and others who have had civil unions say. The sanctioning of the government, any government, has depth far beyond the joining of two gay people in love. It grants official benefits to an entire group of people who have been denied them, they say. And the feeling when their relationships are recognized is moving and euphoric.

With their Vermont civil unions unrecognized here, local couples support the push for gay marriage

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“I am appalled at the ignorance..”

I am appalled by your ignorance. Do the words live and let live ring any bells? You are saying gay lifestyles are a sin. Is it not a sin to disreguard the feelings and desires of your fellow people? For religious people a lot of us seem to be very self-centered and narrow-minded. Before you try to make an important statement about a hot issue to the public perhaps you should evaluate your petty ways and think about what you really have against gay marriage. Does it threaten you? What’s next not letting Native Americans, African-Americans, and people of small stature get married? Seriously, give me a break!

EVERYONE is God’s people. He created all of them.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay marriage vs. god's people in the USA.

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Other Entries

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Gay marriage vs. god's people in the USA
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