Gay men and women?

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My life as an openly gay guy had one interregnum. After I started living with a woman I moved from San Francisco to North Carolina. After she left me I spent a longish time with the sex life of an honest monk.

It wasn't until my sexuality revived itself that I became aware of the queer world about me. Some months back while cataloging gay books I registered that many of the titles said "lesbians and gay men" or the like. Not "gay women and men."

Creature of my time and associations I've always thought of it as gay men and women (yeah I know I put guys first, I know LGBT was ordered to disclaim any glimmer homosexual male patriarchy and am fine with it but if gay men didn't come first in my inner life I'd be an odd pervert and not a queer guy).

It probably is just me. I think most of the gay women I've been friendly with in real life were strongly political feminist lesbians (feminist can be assumed nowadays but it was often a part of group names way back when).

No disparagement of the usage is 'meant or implied' it just catches my attention sometimes.

I have no idea what I'd call this weblog if I were a woman. Polysexual Dyke? Sapphic Sodomite? Female Fag (I know there's a blog called girlfag)?

This quick note inspired by an email from a gay woman.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Gay men and women?.

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