Gay sex is like heroin!

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I grew up in a fairly tolerant Southern small city, Savannah, Georgia. That was the town's ethos. My family went to a Baptist church that in a few years became one of the biggest and richest: it reflected the unsatisfied yearnings of the majority, their need for disgust, hate, their fear of their own appetites.*

This bit by Paul Cameron (of whom I'd never heard) has been making the rounds and pinpoints some of it neatly, weirdly:

People in homosexuality are incredibly evangelical," he adds, sounding evangelical himself. "It's pure sexuality. It's almost like pure heroin.

I may be a queer but I'm man enough to not ask how he knows. And I'll have to admit at least a once I do send out my Homosexual Recruitment chain letters. You may have seen one. They begin "Boys! Men! Become a fag today, it is as much fun as being a junkie but at a bargain price."

You may object that I leave out gay women but the learned Mr. Cameron points out:

I'm convinced that lesbians are particularly good seducers

Who am I to compete with these mistresses of sexuality?

Marital sex tends toward the boring end ... Generally, it doesn't deliver the kind of sheer sexual pleasure that homosexual sex does

Still being manful I have to feel sorry for the poor critter. Clearly Mr. Cameron is a failed heterosexual. Smart, genuinely loving heterosexuals have been known to keep their passion aflame for decades.

Oddly this is using an old patriarchal attack on female sexuality against gay people. Women, curse them, can have not just longer orgasms but a succession of them. Men, often known for their hasty push to the pop off left women ready for but unable to supply more. I think Norman Mailer was the first man I read on fear of women's sexuality. Are gay tops more sensitive to bottom guys' needs? Well if gay sex is like heroin who'd be in a hurry to come down?

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* I'd meant for this entry to go in a wholly different direction but tomorrow's another day, another weblog entry. >


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Iím convinced that lesbians are particularly good seducers

When did I miss this little bit of news? Does he mean we are seducing his straight womenfolk? Maybe even married womenfolk? I’m going to have to get cracking.

Let’s not forget about the toaster rule, either. Maybe women want the toasters more, too, being, y’know, more domestic and all.

A gf, from my early confused years in my 20s, reminded me today that the overly-sensitive gay male is also very good at ‘seducing’ the heterosexual female. I’m not sure how gay men would stack up against the lesbian corp but I imagine we both used similar oral techniques. Perhaps Mr. Cameron is lucky there’s not more of us (gay & lesbian) out there to interfere in his hetero-fun?

I remember seeing a few articles mentioning “fauxmosexuls” - straight men who pretended to be gay to get in women’s pants. Don’t know how popular a strategy it has been.

The odd thing about Cameron is that he just showed up on Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

It’s not clear to me whether he understood what he was getting into, or perhaps now feels duped knowing that the show is a news parody.

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