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A disgusting Irish politician writing to Tony Blair may speak the mind of far too many Americans when it comes to us wicked homos:

I am totally against the Bill as a moral issue. I dont think God made a mistake when he made us male and female and these people who call themselves gays and the like are essentially perverts, local newspaper the Impartial Reporter quotes Councillor Johnston as writing.

I believe their problems exist only in their minds. It is not a biological or medical condition they suffer from. It is related - and I refer to Romans Chapter I - to the fact that the people who are most often this way inclined are mostly Godless people with reprobate minds, he added.

"Gays are perverts with reprobate minds", says Northern Ireland councillor

I've been a godless person for many years and do strive to as be as much of a reprobate as time and reality permit.


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I think this diatribe is actually related to the Gender Recognition Bill, which currently makes it through Parliament in the UK, and is designed to give transsexual people legal recognition of the gender they transitioned into.

The full text of the letter is reproduced on: http://www.pfc.org.uk

As far as the general sentiments to, you are right, of course.


Mostly I was just struck with his “reprobate minds” you don’t hear people talk like that often (except maybe in Scotland).

I envy you for living in a country where transsexuals may be given the decent treatment that is your right. I do remember another UK politician who expressed shock that a person who is now legally a woman could possibly face trial for raping of a woman. They can always bring up nutty irrelvancies.

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