Heterosexual hate & the closet

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Post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS: that is one of my own labels for my worldpoint in gay space-time. Not that the drag queens to attacked the Manhattan cops had much influence on Savannah. It was at a point when you could actually buy a couple of gay books at the local Waldens. Don't know if I got much of out of Gay U.S.A. but the guy on the cover with his feathered cap was fetching. Probably the book on being a gay woman even though I'm a gay man was more helpful. Helpful in the sense it provided vocabulary.

Since I grew up without any feeling of affiliation to social norms I was protected from the, to me, unimaginable feeling of loathing at my sexuality. I've said often enough that I thought finding myself queer pretty neat. Even taken it as a given that I'd be untroubled by my faggishness there could've been the problem of meeting guys.

I came to young gay manhood when for the first time in America's history there were plenty of open, self-accepting gay guys. They weren't only to be found in bars or hoping to suck someone off in the public toilet. That was the great thing I could fulfill my sexuality with nice young men I met next door.

Discovering my sexuality in the days before AIDS meant that I never worried about the consequences of sex. If you got the clap (I never did, just scabies) you went to the public clinic downtown, they fixed you up and you were ready for more. VD wasn't anything worse than a bad cold.

By what I read urban gay man (a queer who chooses to live in Nowheresville has to live with the burden) are having mad sex (disregarding the boys who'd be virgins no matter their sexuality and the men who neglect taking care of the externals).

The homophobic rhetoric flying about the US nowadays, mostly because of the worthless majority's problems with gay people who live together with tender romantic fidelity and would like the protections afforded by the silly ceremony known as marriage causes me to wonder.

Worry more than wonder. Will it cause some young gays to stay longer in the closet that should've been long emptied by now? Leaving gay persons feeling less confident to live their lives would be the worst heterosexist crime of all.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Heterosexual hate & the closet.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Sodomitical Polity
Heterosexual hate & the closet
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