High & Mighty Professional Homosexualists in Nigeria

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Nigeria is the home of more than spam. The country’s strong homophobia is largely responsible for the fracturing of the Anglican Communion (no great loss).

Evidently they’ve discovered the gay agenda. The author confesses to having practiced “homosexualism” himself at one point.

I was reading your piece on homosexuals and lesbians and I want to say that the practice has become like religion. From primary to secondary schools, children get initiated into the practice due to one reason or the other and by the time they are adults, they have become professionals. … Some of the successful-looking men you see are bi-sexuals and you can see them in every aspect of Nigerian life. Like you said when you started the topic, it has become a ‘cult’ thing and is highly practised amongst the high and the mighty.

Are You Dealing With A Homosexual/Lesbian?

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i agree with you are sharing. i am nigerian and i am bisexual


Nobody ever though a topic of this nature would become a public discourse. Like a bolt from the sky, it came suddenly; like a thief in the night; it stealthily walked into the vocabulary of the discourse of Nigerian peoples. Like a Royal it has erupted into the pinnacle of the Senate. Will it become law, or will it become a crime?

   I am not referring to the practice of homosexuality, but the open discussion of it. Homosexuality is not something taught to Africans by “unscrupulous Europeans”. It is something that has been with us since the beginning of African culture. It is something that has been with us since the dawn of human civilization. It is something that has been with us since pre-civilization days. My brothers and sisters –believe it or not-homosexuality existed even in the animal kingdom. Evolutionists have shown severally that since the dawn of time, it has been practiced.

   Today the senate is fighting to criminalize an act that in most cases, is not the fault of the ‘perpetrators’. Even if we take homosexuality to be a crime, it will fall under the same category as madness, imbecility, or left-handedness. Should they legislate a law to punish the aforementioned categories of people? Your answer is as good as mine.

   What exactly is homosexuality? It is sexual act between two people of the same sex: man and man, or woman and woman. There are also passive homosexuals: these are people who have sexual feelings and erotic imageries of same sex individuals without actually carrying out such acts. There are also circumstantial homosexuals: these are homosexual practitioners due to circumstances of confinement etc.

About 90% of people have homosexual tendencies, about 5% are strictly homosexual and about 5%; are strictly heterosexual St Aelred the Queer (2006).

After saying this, it will be good to show homosexual practices among animals.


A lot of homosexual tendencies have been recorded among animals. Most of these animals were in the wild. They have never come in contact with human beings. The practice is an outlet for sexual release. The animals never felt guilty being homosexuals, nor do other animals legislate to punish the Queer animals. Nobody rains Holy Ghost fire on them, nor do they curse them with Yasin. They are perfect the way there are.

    James Owen who reported for National Geographic News showed that gay animals were rampant. He saw them in birds, bees, dolphins, penguins, female macaques etc. To his dismay there are a few Ostriches that would not mount female Ostriches, they are only interested in their fellow males. Had the devil possessed these animals? Is Lucifer winning over God? The answer is a simple “no”! It is God’s design for them to be that way. See James Owen, National Geographic News, July 23,2004 for fuller details.

    Frans B.M de Waal carried out a more detailed research on apes. She discovered that homosexual sex is common among apes of all categories: chimpanzees, orangutans, gibbons, gorillas etc. She discovered that it is more rampant among the Bonobo chimpanzees, they are predominantly a matriarchal homosexual-based society. They settle their scores with gay sex; frotting and tribadism is the norm in their society. See her book “Bonobo Sex and Society” online. What will be the Opinion of hard stance moralists and religions zealots? “Kill all the Bonobos”.     

   From the studies of Owen and Frans de Waal and James Owen, it is evident that homosexual practices take place even in non-human societies: in the animal realm.

It is not only in the animal kingdom, it was present in all ancient human societies.


What doesn’t exist doesn’t have a name. The sexual vocabulary of African peoples-all across the continent –has a term that could be translated for homosexuality. In Yoruba it is called ‘gbowo’ in Hausa it is called ‘yan dauda’ or’dan dauda’ in Congo and Angola it called “Jimbandaa”.

  On homosexuality in Hausaland, Aelred the Queer says “The Hausa as a people have terms in their language that is used to describe homosexuals. Two terms are common, ‘yan dauda’, which is usually translated as ”homosexual” or “transvestite” and ‘dan dauda’, which translates as homosexual “wife”. The ‘yan dauda in Hausaland engage in stereotypical professions, much marginalised as gay men in the west do”.

  The San people of Zimbabwe have paintings in rocks, which shows that homosexual practices have been practiced there for thousands of years. The San people painted vivid scenes of homosexual sex thousands of years ago on the rocks.

The Pangwe of Cameroon have many stories of gay acts in their traditional legends.

People have reported mutual masturbation all over Africa. In fact in most ancient African societies, pre-adolescent homosexual acts, were the norm and not the exception.

“In Cameroon for example, homosexual acts as late as age 17 are considered innocent, not being “true” sexual acts”, (St. Aelred the Queer: 2006)


In India the practice was rampant and ubiquitous.

Dr. Derdutt Patatuk comments “love of a man for a boy was institutionalized in ancient Greece, amongst Samurais in Japan, in certain African, as well as Polynesian tribes. Amongst some Native and South American tribes, erotic relationship between men was acceptable so long as one of the partners is feminine”. (2006).

  In some circles it is connected with religion and it serves a religious function. Hear him “In Indian epics and chronicles, there are occasional reference to same-sex intercourse. For example, in Valmiki Ramayana, Hanuman is said to have seen Rakshasa women kissing the women that were been kissed and embraced by Rawana”.

  In India, men who express themselves socially as women are called ‘Hijras’; “Auparashtika” is a term for male masseurs who indulge in oral sex. While in South America they are called ‘berdaches’ and they are believed by the natives to possess mystic powers.

  Since the copious references show that gay practice-male and female have existed for thousands of years, what should the Nigeria Senate do?


(1) Allow the act between consenting adults as long as they don’t have their sex in the open. (2) Punish adults who indulge with minors. (3) If the gay people cannot be tolerated, The “offenders” should be rehabilitated to “normal” society

Pastors Imams, and those who know very little of biology, religious history and even the humanities should not use their daft and benighted thinking to punish innocent people. Enough is enough!


Augustine Oghanrandukun



Homosexuality: tolerated by African culture.

This is a rejoinder to Jide Macaulay’s “coming out of the closet” experience as relayed in the Mirror magazine of 31st July, 2007. True Macaulay stated a lot of things that are factual, but he made a most pathetic historical blunder, by supposing that African culture abhorred homosexuality..

Macaulay cannot really be blamed for his ahistorical positioning, because according to him, he stayed most of his life outside this country. It is good however to state that Africans never hated or persecuted homosexuality in ancient times. Many Africans_ well groomed in Africa_ still make the same fallacy of judgment and presumption. The truth is African culture never abhorred homosexuality; African culture never condemned homosexuality; African culture never tabooed homosexuality; African culture was silent_ tolerated homosexuality! I make bold to say that that in Africa there are specific punishments for specific offences (sins). Some punishments are physical, some spiritual. Let’s take adultery as an illustration. In almost all ancient Nigerian communities, if a man commits adultery with another man’s wife, he was asked o pay serious damages to the husband. He had brought shame to the husband by seeing his ‘secrecy’ in some communities both man and women are paraded naked in the society; in more extreme cases, both are stoned to death. If the people are not caught the ‘spirits’ take over the policing job. Three things might happen: the husband of the adulterous woman might die; the children of both the adulterous man and woman might start dying prematurely; and lastly, the woman might find it difficult to give birth during labour pangs. Any how the woman or man has to confess and have their sins forgiven. In those days proper ritual baths (ablution) will be performed for the ‘sinners’ before they could enter the holy (sacred shrine) of the ancestors Where a married man had sex with a non married woman, the man is asked to pay the amount of the bride price to the girl’s father since he has made her a ‘door’ instead of a formidable ‘wall’ . So many girls then married as virgins. Most of our mothers are living witnesses to that Golden age of African purity. Some blood - stained white cloths kept by many grannies are testimonies to this fact. In many parts of Edo-Delta: Ishan, Itsekiri, Urhobo , Bini, Isoko etc, the gods still take precedence in judging adulterous cases of unscrupulous ‘couples’. Yes, in this day 2007! The African gods are still powerful. God bless the souls of our beloved ancestors! Amen! The punishment against adultery is well spelt out. But I ask: what is the punishment for homosexuality (lesbianism included) any one who knows of the format of punishment of gays, before the advent of the white man? Among the Yoruba, there are many jujus against adulterers. One of the popular jujus is the magun. There are different categories of magun. One good word for feminists, ‘maguns’ is targeted at eliminating male adulterers not female adulteresses. Most of the time the ‘straying’ man will be ‘electrocuted’ by the power of the juju, he will crow thrice and die like a fowl.

Twin births were also punished in Africa in these days. It took a Mary Slessor to stop twin killing in Calabar; it took education to stop twin killing in Itsekiri, Urhobo , Isoko etc; it took education to stop the Yoruba to stop erecting ‘orisha-ibeji’ shrines for their twins. I ask again what is the punishment for homosexuality(lesbianism) in Africa? If it is not punished, then it was tolerated.

Many anthropologists and intellectuals have written about many crimes in ancient Nigeria and the punishment spelt out for them. Wole Soyinke in “The Lion and The Jewel” displayed that if a young girl is defiled, she had to succumbed to his defiler and settle down, thus Sidi, the village belle, left Lakunle’s advances and settled in Baroka’s harem. Chinua Achebe just won the Booker awards, he displayed in his novels the punishment given to twin births; John S Mbiti(African religions and Philosophy) never mentioned any punishment meted to homosexual; Omoneukanrin(itsekiri Law and Custom;1948); says nothing about punishment against homosexuals; Alagoa and Ikime, two of the greatest historians of the Niger-delta region , have not come up with any specific punishment meted to gays in those days. All those who say African culture tabooed homosexxuality should come up with their proofs, and stop judging from pure and crass sentimentalism. Many might be tempted to say that homosexuality never existed in ancient Nigeria . It existed, and copious references to it are in most Nigerian societies. I am tempted to believe that the ancients indulge freely in some form of gay life before marriage, judging from the way there are no sanctions on the ‘crime’ by the ancients. Homophobia , female discrimination, individualism are all modern sins. They crept into Nigeria (Africa even ,) through colonial intrusion . Homophobia (believe it or not ) is a product of the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in that chronological order. By Abrahamic , I mean religions that took their premise on revelations given to Abraham. Africans never discriminated any body for their sexual preference. Afr5icans were too civilized for that! Thus, homophobia, the fear and chastisement of gays is totally alien to the African culture. Yes , homosexuality and homoerotic plays abounded in ancient Africa. Refer to Augustine oghanrandukun 15th March, 2007, National Mirror)

   In the Itsekiri area, a masculine woman is given a male praise name(akpuja ; ekiki), an effeminate man is given a female praise name(akpuja; ekiki) One local govt chairman in the Warri are in those days actually had a female praise name. Among the Urhobos, a feminine and beautiful looking man is called 'omote'(female). One of the chiefs in the Warri area, had a father so nicknamed. Young boys usually romanced him , he became terribly annoyed of the whole show and he had to change his name.(Gideon Umukoro; 1997), It is true the man in question hated the plays, but the boys romancing him must have enjoyed the homo-erotic plays. In a southern Nigerian kingdom the tale is told about a woman who had a penis(over-enlarged clitoris?) with which she made love to the other kings wives and made them frigid. Did she introduce the others to the lesbian way of life, and made them abhor heterosexual sex?

Stories are legion; no spelt out punishments are stated. Yes, Jide Macaulay did a splendid job, but he ought to have consulted authorities before making a sweeping statement. I agree with him homosexuals should be cured, rehabilitated, counseled and helped. But he should research well before making conclusions on African history.


Augustine Oghanrandukun(St Ifa) 08059046466 jane_omos@yahoo.co.uk

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about High & Mighty Professional Homosexualists in Nigeria.

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