Homocon: a homo who has conned himself?

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I swore to myself I'd never make another political entry, but finding myself cited as a force for evil left me unable to restrain myself.

Two and half seconds of fame.

For a long time the only political pages were one saying that the Log Cabin Republicans were wallet-loving queers who might one day come to regret their politics. Another was a disclaimer that I didn't enjoy discussing politics (I don't).

I guess more political encrustation than I knew before my recent outbursts. I'd forgotten about Homocons: fuck them! Homocon is a neologism for 'homosexual conservative.' I think I took a quick slap at Andrew Sullivan whose attractive face would be on their banner if the homocons had an army would be the best known homocon should the word surive. (Not that I hate Sullivan. He is readable; I used to read his weblog until he got on the Iraq War kick. The topic bored me.)

It startled me to find myself in this list: "Here are several rather vicious attacks on certain gay men by left-wingers for being insufficiently left-wing " This has something to do with I have no idea what that Sullivan said about whatever Bush said about letting other countries profit from the rebuilding of Iraq. (Not a clue, really, like the weather report I can't control what these folks do, unlike the weather it isn't going to affect me tomorrow morning).

If the word homocon hadn't amused me I wouldn't have made the earlier note. Dimly I know there are gay men who care more about America as World Cop, poor people getting too many government handouts, Hilary Clinton conspiracies than same-sex couples having adequate civil rights.

If I hadn't found myself unable to learn the condition of my life-partner while he lay in a coma I might not care so concretely myself. Many of the gay conservatives are so economically comfortable, have enough verbal facility, able to manipulate social mechanisms that they wouldn't have faced the problem.

When the wearisome creature in the White House enacts Protection for Heterosexual Marriage Week I guess the queer Republicans squirm a tad and call their stockbroker. When a milquetoast WSJ editorial writer says its OK with him if homos get hitched they can point with delight at their 'convert.'

Some gay Catholics have faced up to the obvious: that to the current Pope they are pariahs, untouchables. To the next most likely. If their president is equally willing to demonize them for votes we'll see what the homocon boys do. Nothing like casting your lot with people who view your life as a commodity they can exploit for it's 'fear factor' among the least educated, most backward people in America.

(If Bush and his party treat gay people with respect I take it all back. Following that I will resurrect the dead.)

Your feelings?

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Homocon: a homo who has conned himself?
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