Homophobic hypocrite convicted

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Rev. Craig Stephen White of Philadelphia spent his time damning gay people. Now he's going to jail for asking a teenage boy to "commit involuntary deviate sexual intercourse" (among other things) with him.

White preached against homosexuality and atheists, using a bullhorn to rile at students and faculty about "fornicators," "whores" and "sodomites."

Pastor convicted of soliciting sex from teenager


It seems to me that the article is horribly slanted in favor of White. I would go as far to say that because he is a preacher and such that maybe he has sympathy. The last line struck me as odd…

“He’s innocent… his ministry is kids.”

Nice way to close an article about a man convicted of luring a teenage boy to give sex.

Finally, a voice of reason! The “compassionate conservatives” REALLY have someone to back on this one, eh? LOL! They are so quick to tell US what is right, wrong, good or evil and yet many of them can’t seem to live up to their own ideology. Why is it that just because THEY think their way is right they should crush all who choose to have their own minds, opinions and ideas? Sounds like fear to me! I am so glad I found this site and cannot wait to share it with my friends. Keep up the good work!

Just like all those catholic priests railing against consentual sex between adult men while they’re also busy molesting and fucking all those underage boys. The protestant clergy are busy fucking whores, underage girls and parishoners’ wives.

Truth ALWAYS prevails! This “Reverend” White really knows deep down inside that we don’t chose ‘what we like’ (so to speak) when it comes to sex! This hypocrite jackass is in denial and is afraid of what he really is so he tried to hide under the guise of ORGANIZED RELIGION, the biggest persecutor, prosecutor, fornicator & war monger there ever was, since the begining of the time when our forebears, those wise sages of old, decided that civilization needed to be conrolled and given some semblence of “hope” of something greater than this earthly exsistence, or such civilization wouldn’t survive.

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Homophobic hypocrite convicted
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