Homophobic politician's son marries man he loves

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Now this cheers me mightily. Mary Cheney probably doesn't have a life-partner.

David J. Knight, 42, the son of state Sen. William J. "Pete" Knight, married his partner of 10 years, Joseph J. Lazzaro, 39, during a brief ceremony presided over by a volunteer marriage commissioner. The couple, who live in Baltimore, were accompanied by a friend, but no family members.

The elder Knight is a Republican senator from Palmdale, Calif., who authored a successful 2000 ballot initiative that strengthened California's ban on same-sex marriage. Proposition 22, also known as the Knight Initiative, states that only marriages between a man and a woman are recognized as valid in California.

Son of gay marriage opponent marries in San Francisco


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I believe that Mary Cheney does have a life partner. When Bush started all this there was quite a hooha in the news about how Cheney was agreeing with Bush (so that he could run VP) on things that potentially would really damage his daughter. But she doesn’t speak, apparently.

American politics seems so very complicated. At least in the UK we have much easier stereotypes :: Blair is America’s lapdog, Howard is a vampire and Charles Kennedy is an ineffectual ginger ;-) LOL

Don’t really know anything about Mary Cheney’s personal life. It was just a swipe. She was a spokenman encouraging Republicans to be more open to minorities until she joined the 2004 campaign. Now she’s invisible.

I think it is hard for many people, including most secular Americans to really see the influence that the most fanatical Christians sometimes have in US politics. I think things might be better if we had a couple of successful smaller parties to force our national leaders into coalition building.

“Pete” Knight died. No loss.

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Homophobic politician's son marries man he loves
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