Homosexual propandada in kindergarten

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Oh - Goodness Gracious! - it was National Prayer Day and I missed it.

The Rev. Michael Johns of the Market Street Baptist church didn't. He was praying for laws prohibiting same-sex couples legally committing themselves to a life together. Well, what could be more unchristian than loving, gay couples living in fidelity?

Just in case you didn't know National Prayer Day isn't in the Bible (despite what some of the fundagelicals think America does not appear in either testament). There was $1,300,000 in money behind this great godly work.

All followers are encouraged, for instance, to pray for schools to get "back to basics" and stop "teaching homosexual propaganda to kindergartners."

Wish I could've gone to such an enlightened kindergarten, would've speeded up my transformation into a pervert.

When prayer and politics intersect


Worth noting, though, that some praying folks were not welcome during National Day of Prayer events.

I musta slept through that part of class? Because I missed it.

I wouldn’t expect them to have allowed “cults” (Mormons), “false Christians” (liberal or mainline churches) anymore than godless atheists.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Homosexual propandada in kindergarten.

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Pansexual Sodomite
Sodomitical Polity
Homosexual propandada in kindergarten
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