John Paul II heads 15 Most Horrible List

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I've never even seen a copy of Genre magazine but can't argue with their choice of the reigning pope as Evil Pest #1.

Pope John Paul II heads the list for "broadcasting the murderous lie that condoms don't help prevent HIV transmission" and for fostering sexual predation by priests.

Other members of the list include both U.S. Presidential candidates George W. Bush -- for his constitutional amendment banning gay marriage -- and John Kerry -- for not supporting his home state of Massachusetts' decision in favor of gay marriage.

Gays Shame During Pride Season


The cite is from “News of the Weird”?? What does that say?

Actually, the article is in GENRE, a monthly glossy gay magazine, and it’s really interesting. They also go after Tom Cruise, Antonin Scalia, Mary Cheney, etc. Ch-ch-check the whole list out at

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John Paul II heads 15 Most Horrible List
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