Liberal Christians, homophobia and wishful thinking

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Oh those poor liberal Christians. They have no more understanding of American Fundamentalism than a Zulu tribesman, maybe less. To seek to convince US fundies that 'scripture,' meaning essentially a 17th century English translation by God's secretaries is inconsistent with the Almighty's creation is an enterprise predestined to failure. A Jesuit was as likely to convert Elizabeth I to Thomism.

One of the defining traits of early Protestantism was that interpretation of scripture was a private matter. The good ol' Holy Spirit (kin to good ol' Charlie Brown?) would guide you. But forever and a century if your interpretation disagrees with mine you are variously a heretic, fraud, possessed by demons.

A broader examination of the Bible answers the first of these questions. Namely, scripture condemns acts that are inconsistent with the natural order of Godís creation. Unsurprisingly, the authors applied this principle to homosexual behavior, for homosexual behavior had long been viewed as a choice to act counter to oneís natural, God-given design.

Give folks more time and whatever yet to be 'proved' by the Bible will. Whether by Gnostic acrostics or inspired crossword puzzles. The Lord moves in mysterious ways his followers to befuddle.

Christians should rethink their position on homosexuality

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Pansexual Sodomite
Sodomitical Polity
Liberal Christians, homophobia and wishful thinking
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