Log Cabin Republicans: laughable, sad

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Log Cabin Republicans meet and mincingly wonder why President George Bush would just as soon they shove that log up the space where he figures they want it anyway. For years I kept my websites, weblogs apolitical. Hope Pansexual Sodomite will return to its wholly self-involved nitpicking soon.

My first web page about politics asserted my political agnosticism. Apolitical to a strong degree I can veer off into a rant given a beer and a keyboard.

Back in queer prehistory when The Advocate was a tabloid it was bought by Republican in San Mateo. Damn I thought, who'd imagine such a critter could exist. There were probably millions but my companions were louche fellows for the most part. We cared more about good sex, good drugs and a few decent LPs.

Age has staled the pleasure of drugs and LPs have become CDs but I'd say with a few additions it is a reasonable basis for a happy life. Even for heterosexuals.

The appearance of Log Cabin Republicans, gay men and women who put their taxation rate above the wellbeing of their fellow gay people probably struck me with more sardonic giggles than disgust. On and off I did give vent to disgust. I think I was being unfair. A mostly unwanted fragment of the Republican Party they are just plain irrelevant to electoral outcomes.

The Burkean economic relationship of property and personal liberty doesn't escape me. Any holistic conception of liberty can't include someone like Robert Bork on the Supreme Court or John Ashcroft as Attorney General. Besides if freedom equals money we'd have to go about redistributing some of it.

Watching the writhing of the Log Cabin Republicans leaves me unsympathetic. They wanted George Bush they got him. Now they can find a glory hole and pretend he's on the other side of the wall.

From today's headlines:

Homocons are so brave and determined:

Chris Barron, political director for the Log Cabin Republicans, said it was unclear whether the group would endorse Bush. A decision by its 23-member board is expected around the time of the GOP's national convention in New York, which begins Aug. 30.

"We would never endorse a Democrat," Barron said.

Endorse a Libertarian, silly folk I think but better than the Republican creeps sucking up to the born-again..

Gay GOP group divided over Bush

Log Cabin executive director Patrick Guerriero did try bending over for his messiah.

He told the convention he had met with Bush at a White House Christmas party and asked him, "Please don't divide the nation by trying to amend the Constitution." On Feb. 24, the president announced his support of the amendment.

Oh just call a homophobic electoral ploy for what it is. There are more born-again fundagelicals than gay Republican party members. Sodomite log rollers don't have the money or numbers to effect an election. Much less persuade a coldly calulating politician.

Gays long loyal to GOP agonize over supporting Bush

Where are the radical gay women of my youth?

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. -- Beverly Brown doesn't talk about politics with her women friends. Karen Cookston accepts that people she loves are appalled at her party affiliation. Carol Newman tries to explain that Republicans aren't just "old white men in a world of male entitlement."

Yep, age or race don't matter: anybody obsessed with money can be a Republican.

Lesbians challenge in GOP

Richard Goldstein is always entertaining but imagine if the folks who hadn't supported Ralph Nader had voted for Bush.

Though that number represented only 25 percent of the out gay vote (with 70 percent going to Al Gore and 5 percent to Ralph Nader), it was located in key electoral states, such as Florida. If the 2004 presidential election is anywhere near as close as the previous one, queers could help decide Bush's fate.

Queers could help decide Bush's fate this fall

Are you a conservative queer who arrived here by accident? Try Andrew Sullivan and Boi From Troi.


I read Andrew Sullivan and enjoy most of his writing but still can’t get a handle on why people would want to elect some one they know will step on them. Bush has made his position very clear. Gays are less than human and should have no rights. What is there, that is difficult to understand about his words and actions. If it were legal to do and get away with, Bush would round up all gays and put them in a mental institution. Then only thing dumber than Bush’s actions is Gay people supporting him.

Can’t remember anymore when I decided that I didn’t much care for Andrew Sullivan. Long before I knew he had a blog. Sometimes I do look at his website and see something I enjoy. Usually it is followed by a post that strikes me as woefully na´ve. Or he goes into that attack mode that leaves me cold be it political infotainment television or political blogging.

If the Republican Party wasn’t being so solicitous of the votes of the Christian right I wouldn’t be making political posts.

I don’t remember my e-mail address, am too inexperienced to bother trying an alias ( let alone my name ), and, of course, do not have a web anything. However, I do appreciate a good mind, and I guess that’s what this site of yours suggests to me. As for George Junior, he won’t hand us over to the asylums; he’ll have us at the gallows.

Could it be that there are some gay folks out here that are not one issue only and if someone does not agree 100% with them they can tolerate agreeing to disagree? If you turn off any messenger you run the risk of missing a revelation whether that revelation is good for us or bad. Most of my gay friends seem to be more interested in thier penis than their future and listen to what the establishment and peer pressure dick tates to them.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Log Cabin Republicans: laughable, sad.

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Log Cabin Republicans: laughable, sad
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