Log Cabin Republicans mad at Bush

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I'm unable to feel the tiniest particle of sympathy for homocons. But I'm glad to see the Uncle Tom Log Cabin Republicans thinking of something other than keeping their taxes low. President Bush's support for a constitutional amendment forbidding same sex marriages is too much even for them.

Howard Kurtz reports that the log rollers will be investing a million dollars (sadly little in American politics) expressing their dismay via TV ads. In what passes for a bold move among them I guess their leader says that Bush "jeopardized that endorsement."

The Log Cabin ad will run on cable and local stations in the District and in seven swing states: Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio and Wisconsin. The ad makes no mention of Cheney's daughter Mary, a lesbian who is working on his reelection campaign, and Guerriero said she should not be dragged into the debate.*

Gay GOP group challenges Bush on marriage

*Ahem: Dear Mary Cheney, please come out of that closet

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Log Cabin repubs of N.C. should be happy to join sane Dems at their Conv table if the Repub party shuns them. How long can LCRepubs take abuse?

Isn’t being a “Long Cabin” Republican like being a Jewish Nazi? Republicans have never been supportive of gay people and after HIV was discovered they felt they had received a sign from God that they were right to be queer haters. Republicans have become the disengenuous religious party and what Southern Democrats used to be before the 1965 civil rights legislation was passed. Democrats are far from perfect, but they have a better record of being inclusive since 1965.

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Log Cabin Republicans mad at Bush
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