Log Cabin Republicans profit from FMA

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I've enjoyed bitching about the homocons on and off for the last few years. Shall we shed a tear for the poor Log Cabin Republicans who have finally decided to not give George Bush their oh so important endorsement. Well, OK, they aren't poor. In the wallet anyway.

The Log Cabin group, however, has also apparently profited from the spotlight on gay Republicans. Christopher Barron, the group's political director, said it had doubled in size, to 12,000 members, since Mr. Bush embraced the proposed marriage amendment.

Does Ripley's Believe It or Not still exist?

Unsurprisingly they do take a moment to attack John Kerry. Weirdly they applaud President Bush's fight against AIDS.

Gay Activists in the G.O.P. Withhold Endorsement

Your feelings?

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Log Cabin Republicans profit from FMA
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