Man-2-Man : Gay Pheromone Study = $$$$

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Enterprising capitalists in the guise of scientists seek to exploit the sexual insecurities of gay men. The aim: to market a product called Man-2-Man. Expect it in your inbox between "fatter trunk" and "vi-aggravation."

(PRWEB) March 15, 2004--The study, the first of its kind to independently test a Gay Pheromone, showed that of the 76 gay men tested, 81 percent of those wearing their regular aftershave mixed with the Gay Pheromone saw an overall increase in a number of different sexual behaviors.

"This is not a smell one can detect, neither man is aware of it, but it is very powerful. This chemical appears to influence a gay person's desire to become sexually attracted to another." Dr Woods explains, a psychology professor of 15 years.

"During the Gay Pheromone study, one man reported, he had found it very awkward meeting other men, no self-confidence and was rarely approached, however, since wearing the gay pheromone he was approached almost every time he went out socially. Another man reported he slept with a romantic partner four nights a week while wearing the gay pheromone, compared to less than one night a week before the study."

Gay Pheromone Study - Official Results Released -


A 76 member, 12 week, placebo controlled (article doesn’t say double-blind) study on gay pheromones. I’m impressed. Somebody ponied up a lot of money.

There’s lots of buyable research available nowadays. There must be ways of doing it on the cheap. Seems like all sorts of companies manage to pay for studies that prove their protein powder, miracle herbal cure really, truly, honestly works.

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Man-2-Man : Gay Pheromone Study = $$$$
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