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Mary Cheney left the room when her dad said he was opposed to a constitutional amendment forbidding gay marriage. She's just as tightlipped as ever. I'm not sure what the gay equivalent of Uncle Tom might be but Mary Cheney is surely that.

"There is a profound sense of bewilderment bordering on betrayal," said Matt Foreman, executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Taskforce. "How is it possible that you could be working so hard for an administration that is so against your basic life, so against you and any family aspirations you might have, and against your people? I understand father-daughter ties, but it seems impossible to reconcile." ...

[Alan] Simpson recalled a tense confrontation on the campaign trail when one of Mr. Bush's Christian conservative backers advised Mr. Cheney to "pray for her" and "to urge her away from her aberration."

Cheney Daughter's Political Role Disappoints Some Gay Activists

Mary Cheney's dad speaks, Dear Mary Cheney, please come out of that closet, Homosexuality Threat Alert Warning System.

Did you know about Lynne Cheney's lesbian romance?


This would be more funny if it wasn’t so sad. While I don’t consider myself very democrat it seems the new conservative mindset is to listen and wholly deny any rational belief presented to them that contradicts with something a pundit has said. I’m not sure I understand why. My father listens to Rush Limbaugh and though he denies that every political belief put into his head is from him, they simply are. My mother even started saying that gay marriage would be okay as long as it wasn’t called ‘marriage.’ Eh, ? Just because your tab a aligns with someones slot b does that mean you’re allowed to own a concept? It’s bizarre, like the blog btw, thanks for putting it up.

Limbaugh’s success is that he says the terrifying things that many ordinary Americans think and feel but normally keep their mouths shut about.

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