Mary Cheney's dad speaks

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As the father of an openly gay woman VP Dick Cheney has behaved shamefully. More than it is too late, it is really too late. If he isn't a political lapdog or overcome with a vice president's hope of becoming the next president what excuse does he really have? In his heart does he really feel that his daughter's right to web a woman she loves should be left up to the individual states? He's part of an administration that has been ready to violate the legal sovereignty of any state that has policies they oppose.

Asked his position on the subject at a town hall meeting here, Cheney replied: "Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it's an issue that our family is very familiar with. . . . With respect to the question of relationships, my general view is that freedom means freedom for everyone. People . . . ought to be free to enter into any kind of relationship they want to."

Cheney Sees Gay Marriage as State Issue

Actually I'd like to grant him the benefit of the doubt. But who is really willing to suspend disbelief in an American politician's words in the 21st century?

I fear these folks are probably dead on.

Gay rights advocates immediately accused the Bush administration of trying to have it both ways, reaching out to moderate voters one week before the party's convention in New York, after months of advocating a constitutional amendment that was a key goal of social conservatives.

Cheney Stakes Out Stance on Gay Marriages

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Mary Cheney's dad speaks
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