Mike Danton tried to murder his lover

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With so many of us out and happy to be queer it must be ever tougher on the many who hide in the closet whatever their material rewards.

In a monitored telephone conversation between Danton and this individual on Friday, the latter asked why Danton had wanted to have him killed. According to the affidavit signed by FBI Special Agent John Jiminez, Danton "broke down and sobbed. Danton explained that he felt backed into a corner and also felt that the acquaintance was going to leave him. Danton did not want to allow the acquaintance to leave him, therefore decided to have him killed."

Hockey player, hitman and the 'acquaintance'

At least any bars they went to.

"He never (went) out to the bars, never saw him with anyone outside of hockey," O'Keefe said. "He never did anything fun, he kept to himself. I've known him since I was a kid and basically his whole life revolves around hockey."

Danton obsessed with hockey career

Toughness isn't always measured by your fists.

"I don't know a tougher guy than him, I don't know a guy that guys in the corner and gets killed and that will drop his gloves with a guy who's 40 pounds heavier in a flash," Weight said. "He's tough as nails."

Teammates express shock at arrest of Mike Danton in San Jose

Poor man knew he was screwed up.

"He had things he wanted to get off his chest and he needed help to do so," Frost said. "We were setting something up for him for the end of the season."

Blues shocked by Danton's arrest

Heterosexual denial.

Because of the FBI's cryptic wording in its affidavit on the Danton case, there was premature speculation about the nature of Danton's relationship with the male "acquaintance"_the intended target of the alleged murder scheme. Some media outlets, including those that serve the gay community, immediately and perhaps falsely assumed Danton was involved in a homosexual relationship. And multiple sources have told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that it isn't true.

Blues' cup seems to always run over with unusual difficulties

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everyone just needs to mind their own business, who are you to talk. i know Mike Personally, more than most of you ever will. He is not in anyway gay, so shutup about the whole thing and maybe take someones opinion who knows him well. And yes im a female, so leave the guy alone already and stop believin the lies!!!

So many of these guys are into other men. they may be married or date attractive women, but other men are in many of their lives too. i know for a fact. Probably 99.9% of the population would never have a clue that they are attracted to men. Fact is, there are many hockey players and other athletes that are into men. A lot more than you would think. I think it’s a shame that here in the 21st century that these guys feel they have to keep this part of their lives hidden. Love is not a sin.

They are in the closet at least partly for money. Their career would be damaged if not destroyed. Especially since many sports stars earn more from endorsements than they do playing.

I can imagine how uncomfortable it could be to be an athlete and out. In the shower their heterosexual teammates would be wondering if the gay player was checking them out.

People have lots of evolving to do before this won’t be an issue.

To NA who claims to know Mike Denton personally, don’t be so sure that you know everything about him. You claim that he’s not ‘gay’. If that was something he wanted to keep hidden from friends and family, it can easily be done. If you were a true friend, it shouldn’t matter if Denton is ‘gay’ or ‘straight’. There are many men who live double lives. More than you would think, especially in the sports community. Begin ‘gay’ in sports (unless it’s figure skating), is not advantageous in many aspects, due to homophobic views. No wonder many athletes hide their true sexuality. I’m sure the truth will come out in the investigation of this case. It’s funny, if athletes were treated fairly no matter what their sexuality, Denton may not have been in this situation to begin with.

To NA who claims to know Mike Denton personally, don’t be so sure that you know everything about him. You claim that he’s not ‘gay’. If that was something he wanted to keep hidden from friends and family, it can easily be done. If you were a true friend, it shouldn’t matter if Denton is ‘gay’ or ‘straight’. There are many men who live double lives. More than you would think, especially in the sports community. Begin ‘gay’ in sports (unless it’s figure skating), is not advantageous in many aspects, due to homophobic views. No wonder many athletes hide their true sexuality. I’m sure the truth will come out in the investigation of this case. It’s funny, if athletes were treated fairly no matter what their sexuality, Denton may not have been in this situation to begin with.

Oooookaaaye…I think everyone is failing to acknowledge the fact that homosexuals don’t play hockey. I mean, it’s not like Danton was an interior decorator or a flower arranger. Also, there is no evidence to indicate that Danton ever skipped down the street, baked a carrot cake, or went to visit the AIDS quilt in Washington DC. Furthermore, it is a known fact that Danton never acted melodramatic in public. So why these allegations?

Hey “Jonathan”…you sound like an uneducated baffoon! What the hell? Are you trying to be funny? Here are some facts about Danton you are obviously not aware of: 1. Danton was captured on a surveillance camera doing “jazz hands” while waiting in line at a St. Louis bank. 2. Danton was seen wearing a Von Dutch trucker hat at a recent benefit in St. Louis. 3. Danton ordered the watercress mix with the reduced fig oil drizzle at Spago during a recent trip to Los Angeles. 4. Credit card records indicate that Danton regularly purchased the “back,sack and crack wax” at Le Covineau Spa on 23rd Street in Chelsea when he played for the New Jersey Devils. 5. Danton’s manager was seen eating a sesame seed bagel one day before a witness reported seeing several sesame seeds adhered to Danton’s penis in the St. Louis Blues’ locker room.

Is that proof enough for you, you ignorant homophobe?!

Soory guys there are many gays who play hockey. In fact if you check out the gay hockey you will see many clubs listed. Leave mike to his problem and please don’t harrass the poor guy. He has to do what is best for him not you all.

i dont even know how i ran into this site, but its crazy what some of you think. You can’t judge a person like that, i will defend Mike through this whole thing. I am not critisizing gays in anyway, but for you to come out assuming he is, is crazy. trust me, he is obsessed with GIRLS, blondes to be exact haha. But he’s a great guy inside, like i said he is not an aquaintance to me, he is a friend! And if any of you knew him the way i do you would totally understand and stop assuming things on him. so get it STRAIGHT people! obviously you all haven’t hung out with him numerous times.

Hes not gay you fucken media people. Danton has problems just because he said the aquantice was going to leave him doesnt mean hes gay. He doesnt even talk to his family and was lonely. hes been estranged from his family and changed his last name. i think it was his agent he was trying to kill. I believe his agent is a monster and controls dantons life. Thats what he means by backed up in the corner. its the agents fault he has these emotional problem his dad Jefferson. In my opioion I believe Dantons agent frost is a child melester or psyically abuses children. I look at his agent and I can tell he is a monster. Look the truth will come out and well see that the monster frost is. A couple years ago dantons brother was at a cottage with frost when the suppose incident happend. To me Frost probably wanted to have sex with him because he preys on innocent children who need affection. i believe danton was abused by his agent frost and should get help.

THANKYOU Freddy, u are right, people assume he was afraid his “aquaintance” was goin to get rid of him. just take a second and think about it. He was afraid his AGENT was goin to leave him. i swear i hate the media sometimes, they just hear somethin and dont think twice about it.

hey, nice9x6@aol. DO you mean to say that a lot of hockey players are attraced to men? Sorry buddy, but this sport is ruled by heterosexual men. You must be thinking of figureskating. Give your head a shake. You have sickened every Candian male who read that.

It appears that Mike Danton (nee Jefferson- He adopted the name of a fellow Hockey player he was enaomored with) is swirling in the spectrum, unable to show his true colors. It is a shame that professional Hockey or any professional sports can’t come to grips with the fact that there are many homosexuals among them, Most psychologists accept the “10% of the population is gay” rule. His paramour, Mr. Frost, named as an “acquaintance” in major news reports, has maintained a Svengali like influence on him since he was 16 years old. (isn’t Mr. Frost a villain in the Batman series?. Mr. Frost has employed mind control techniques more frequently associated with religious cults, like the Moonies, rather than teenage hockey teams. Ms. Wolfmeyer appears to be Mike Danton’s “beard” another unfortunate aspect of being trapped in the closet. I empathize with Mike Danton and hope that a good therapist will allow him to reveal his true nature to himself and the world. Until than he will be subject to rumor and innuendo that he is “a little light in the hockey skates”.

i dont think u know what the hell your talkin about. Mike is a great friend of mine, i know him pretty damn well,like i said. i am sick of people judging him. if he was gay, i would know it, thats for sure, and i would still stay friends with him . but guess what, HES NOT!!!! so just stop assuming your right , ok!!

I’m confused: What is the name of the guy Mike wanted murdered? Is it Frost? As soon as I heard the story on the news I had no doubt this was a homosexual problem. I’d like to know more about the guy he wanted dead. Was he a hockey player too? or what? Also.. NA need to realize gay men are past masters at hiding their sexuality if they need to. Many gay men are married and have kids but prefer a man. It is a fact. Sorry. Alex….

Response to Jonathan’s comment posted April 23: Are you for real?…or maybe you’re the most ignorant, mis-informed nitwit out there. Where the hell are you from anyways?…you idiot!!! Not all gay men are interior decorators or flower arrangers. Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, not all gay men fall in the categories that you have described. There are many gay men who play in organized, professional leagues throughout North America. Toronto has the largest gay men’s competitive hockey league in the world, and many of my friends play in this league. You would not even know they were gay if you met them. I myself play in many competitive sports leagues with straight guys, and kick ass. So in summary…there are many gay men who play organized, professional sports and ignorant people like yourself don’t even know it. And besides, it shouldn’t even be an issue.

I’d give you a gay website listing all the female and male athletes who play professional sports, but I wouldn’t share this with a potentially psycho homophobe. Get educated!!!

David Kopay, a professional football player, was brave enough to come out many years ago. The response, sadly, didn’t lead other queer athletes to follow his example.

People who think masculinity is exclusive to heterosexuality are greatly deluded. Some of the toughest men you’ll meet in mind and personality are gay.

Mike MUST be straight…a sultry blonde woman was on TV in St. Louis saying so last night, and we all know how truthful hockey rink rats (or groupies of any type) are.

Look at the following website…so far the local and mainstream media seem to imply he’s straight, while alternatives have other ideas.


The question is where is Dantons agent that says he was like a father figure to him. Yea then he must be a target that pathological liar. I wonder what else hes lying about in his past. Also it is truly sad that Dantons mother, brother and aunt came to support him but didnt acknowledge them. whatever issues he has with his family i wish he would forgive them becuase they really care about him. Hopefully, Danton will get the therapy he needs for his problems. I think he has a mental illness or maybe dealing with losing his childhood and not abble to have a happy life

Hey Canada_Rules….from a fellow Canadian. I’m frankly embarassed by your commentary….you’re are obviously as oblivious as Jonathon regarding the huge number of gay men who play hockey. Please read my entry dated May 2nd and maybe you’ll understand how many gay men play hockey in Canada.

Amazing reading all of these comments… seems to me that gays can be guilty of stereo typing as well as any straight guy….. could a gay guy be a hockey player… sure as well as one could be a lawyer or bus driver…. are there a lot… no certainly not 10%… Playing competitive level hockey for years I can think of no reason to imagine there would be a significant number. I do believe that it is possible to hide or disguise your sexual preference from your closest of friends… N/A, you could be and most likely are right… maybe you just have to concider that there is a slight chance you are not… maybe Mike was just curious…. if it was more than a curiousity it sure seems likely that you can trace Mikes problems to Mr.Frost… Not a proud moment for any of us Canadian Hockey players…. I look back at all the quality coaches and influences I have had in hockey and wonder if I have taken it al for granted… Thinking back I appreciate all of these people more now and am thankful for having the experiences I have…

Cloaking your sexual preference from your best friends, associates, even your spouse has proven amazingly easy for many men. Particularly since homoerotic preference doesn’t mean you are unable to achieve successful coitus with a female. Just that you are probably thinking of a man while you are doing it.

I am a relitive and knew Mike well until Frost took over his life. Whether he is gay or not doesn’t concern me, I love him for himself, being gay does not matter. Having said that if Mike is gay I believe it was forced upon him by Frost, who is truly a monster and preys on people by getting things on them and blackmailing them, I think Mike finally had all he could take. I am truly sorry he is running down his family who have always loved him and still do and are stillstanding by him even though he is still running them down. It shows you that somehow Frost is still controlling him from jail. I just pray justice will be served and Frost will get what he deserves. So many people fear him, he has a lot of dirt on a lot of people

Being gay isn’t something that can be forced on a person.

I honestly think that Mr. Frost was a jerk and tried forcing people around and Mike finally got tired of it. And about all of the “gay” rumors going around: if Mike Danton is gay, that is his business and no one else’s. Sympathy to Mike’s family for the rough time they’re in right now. Mike Danton rules!! Go BLUES!

I enjoyed reading everyone’s insight on this whole fiasco that really is quite droll. Who cares if he’s gay? If Mike was able to make it onto a professianl hockey team, he must be doing something right on the ice. And what he does in the privacy of his own home is no ones business but his own. If Mike Danton turns out to be gay, I support him 100%. Where can I meet Gay canadian jocks? =)

I spent my entire sports life through college in the closet and never found myself afraid to admit I was attracted to other jocks and them to me. My sex life started in shower rooms just like almost every guy I ever met. I was always “too good looking”, too endowed, a great athlete, highly sexual and enjoyed being nude showing off to guys in locker rooms. Gay men turn me off and I have no interest in the lifestyle or the idea of a relationship with a guy. I have had long lasting friendships involving sex with some great dudes who enjoy sex and it is mutual and never mentioned afterwards.I never met a guy who didn’t let me know they wanted to get it on. The amount of famous jocks married today have a lot of sex with guys. David Kopay was not smart saying he was “gay”. There was no reason because fans don’t want to know now, or then. Men with high sex drives are attracted to other men and given the right circumstances, will act on it.

I’m not sure exactly how I was directed to this particular link, but reading some of these postings has been fairly frustrating. Let me start by saying that I’ve been married to an NHL hockey player for 10 years in June. Together for 13. I’m American - he’s a Canadian. I have SEVERAL gay male friends. I’m like a magnet, and I love them to death. Whether Mike is gay or not is clearly not the issue. The issue is that the poor kid had a terrible upbringing, and a pretty lonely life, which unfortunately is exacerbated by playing a pro sport and always being uprooted, moved around, and literally living out of hotel rooms. Also, these athletes are catered to in every imaginable way - giving them ample opportunity to act selfish, spoiled and think they are God’s gift to humanity. Mike just never was taught right from wrong, and never had a positive influence in his life. So gay or not gay - who cares? Even a straight guy should certainly not be hiring anyone to kill an acquaintance/lover. Right? And as for the person who posted a note saying gay men do not play hockey….I hate to be the one to break it to you…but I personally know 3 very closet, very GAY players in the show. You watch them every weekend, and have no idea. You may know what the guy ate for dinner on Friday, but YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO SHARED HIS BED. And why does that matter to you anyway? Would you not watch the Stanley Cup playoffs? That’s ridiculous.

The way Mike Danton plays there is no chance he is in anyway gay. He is a hardnose blue collar player. A small guy that wont back down. Even if he liked men i will never believe till he says it he too mean to be gay. I loe wathcign him paly hopefully he will be back next year. If not the NHL is missing a great sparkplug player.

i know danton personally. it was for a brief time unfortunatley. god he is sexy!! and yes i am a female, a curly haired blonde, mike’s favorite! if he was “bi”, so what! yeah, it’s kinda weird. and i truely hope that he is not but ok i’ll deal. but still from my experience with danton, three times in a few hours! and then some! no it wasn’t a one night stand, we hung out many times. unfortuantly it ended. i wish i knew the trouble he was having i would have tried to help at least listen without judging. i so would like to talk to him. if any one knows how to write to him at prison please let me know!!

You guys are so fucking dumb. He is not gay. Yes i am a female and yes i live in St.Louis. All you people need to mind your own business serisuoly. He is not gay! The media should just shut up because they know there wrong. I mean my god why dont you just ask Danton. Its not hard. But no you freaking gay people always have to go up making lies and rumors. Well if your smart enough you dont beleive these rumors…

Mike Danton (aka Jefferson) was pyshcologicaly manipulated by his agent (former pee wee hockey coach) Dave Frost. This was years of mental abuse and anguish all building up to one choice. Unfortunatley for Mike it was the wrong choice. Frost is the real monster here. Frost started coaching Danton when he was 10 years old, he practially lived with him when he was 13, then shared a room together when he was 15 and moved for hockey. His parents really should of stepped up here, its not about sexual prefrence, its about abuse.

MIKE IS NOT A QUEER! Leave him alone, you dont know what your talking about.

MIKE IS NOT GAY! Leave him alone, you dont know what your talking about. It’s Frost’s fault to begin with. If he hasn’t been torturing him since he was a kid, Mike never would have wanted him dead. Actually Frost just creeps me out period. He’s so greasy looking. All I pray is that Sheldon wasn’t abused like Mike was.


Hey do you know Mikes prison cell

Whether Danton is gay or not, the real issue is the unhealthy relationship that existed between him & Frost. For sake of argument, let’s assume it was a gay relationship of some kind. There’d be very few people, gay or straight, who’d see it as healthy & appropriate for there to be a relationship between a young man and the man who has coachedhim from the age of 10, and with whom he lived since either 13 or 15.

Whether the relationship was affectional, sexual, paternal, or strictly business, the simple truth is that the relationship was unhealthy. Snow controlled & manipulated this 24-year-old for the majority of his life. Snow is also reported to have tied one or more of his young players to a bed, nude, and to have watched the players having sex with women who hung around the rink in his hotel room.

Sexual component or not, Snow created such a level of emotional dependency in Danton that the force between them was as strong as if there had been a relationship. The alleged motive for this attempted murder was Snow’s threat to leave Danton. Danton’s reaction shows all the passion & force of emotion that you would expect, given their history, regardless of whether they had been intimate physically. I think it’s likely that Snow derived sexual gratification from his young players, whether there was actual sexual abuse, or another kind.

So, is Danton gay? Is Snow? Both say no when asked. Men have sex with men without identifying as gay, however. Also, remember that whatever Danton’s involvement with Snow, Danton’s inherent orientation cannot be discerned from his relationship with Snow, because of the foundation of that relationship.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Mike Danton tried to murder his lover.

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