Minority pastors oppose gay marriages

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More than two dozen black pastors gathered in Atlanta to denounce same-sex marriage, and express outrage that gay and lesbian rights have been likened to the civil rights struggle of African Americans. ...

In California, the pastor of the largest Hispanic Evangelical church in the U.S. on Sunday said gay marriage threatens the concept of the family.

"The polygamists are already in line," he said. "You open this thing up, and nobody knows where it's going to go," said Daniel de Leon, pastor of Templo Calvario in Santa Ana, Calif.

Black, Latino Clergy Denounce Gay Marriage

A national survey and polls in different regions show that support for gay marriage and homosexual behavior in general is lower among Hispanics than whites. Only African-Americans have stronger feelings against marriage for gays and lesbians. ...

Harry Pachon, president of the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute at the University of Southern California, said that the survey results are no surprise.

Around 40 percent of Latino voters are foreign-born, naturalized citizens who come from very conservative, Catholic Latin American nations, he said.

Many Hispanics oppose gay marriage

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i find it extremely hypocritical that these religious zealots can’t liken a gay person’s struggle for equality to their own. oppression is oppression no matter how one looks at it and every person in this country deserves the same civil rights as every other person. grrrrr!

Black civil rights leaders have traditionally rejected associating African-American civil rights with gay liberation (an old phrase that seems worth reviving in hateful 2004). Sometimes it has been pragmatic: not wanting to detract focus from their own goals. Other times saying that black people are born that way but rejecting the idea that sexual orientation is anything but a choice.

Generally I think of African-American men and women as sexually saner than the average honky. Less hypocrisy. My own guess is that poverty has tended to reinforce a reliance on notions of machismo that are normally homophobic. And many black churches while mainsprings of much socially liberal are theologically conservative.

Those are my speculations anyway.

Get a grip, people. The gay rights struggle is ANALOGOUS to the civil rights struggle, but certainly not equivalent.

I’ve never been kicked off a bus, out of a resturant, or denied the vote because I’m gay.

BTW: There is no “right” to marriage. The Loving vs Virginia case has never been challenged on those grounds.

Well it’s nice to see minorities sticking together. If i remember correctly in dozen of states it was illegal for a white person to marry a black person until the Lovings V. Virginia Supreme Court case. Minorities of all kind continue to suffer from discrimination, but yet they are still quick to deny another persecuted minority group their basic civil rights. As a hispanic i find that ludacruis, so just standby while their rights are violated when they do it to us no one is going to be left to defend us.

Richard, are you African-American? Even if you are or are not black what gives you the right to make such remarks. Do you have any understanding of the black church or even how black families are brought up? Most black families are brought up not to have hatred or dislike toward another group of poeople. But personal beliefs of such an individual is just that, a personal belief. They are not talking for everyone and I feel as though you have no right to pass judgement on all of black society. And for the record i am for gay marriage and i’m a heterosexual.

What remarks are you talking about? All I did was quote a couple of news articles. I myself didn’t say anything.

I think god for you

It is all about MONEY. I’m a god fearing, female, black and same gender loving human being. I have been for 31 years. God has blessed me with a beautiful life. On June 29, 2001 my partner and I went to Vermont to exchange vows and put on paper that we want to have rights under the protection of this government.We already were protected by GOD, but God has allowed MAN to dictate MONEY powers. I look forward to see the day when my spouse’s name can go on my heath insurance, that I pay for. And when we can pay one premium for life insurance verses two indivusal. So many other benifits We already pay for, just double. That’s why I feel that it is only about money. Most folks who are specking against EQUAL Rights to marriage. Don’t see that it’s not about them it is about survival. STOP Starving human beings. Stop telling lies. Allow same loving gender human beings to welcome children into their homes to provide for them what their female and male creators could not. Let two females or two males who are able, provide for the children. I could go on and on. Let’s Us All Love Our Neighbors.

The internet provides so much opportunity to us. I came upon these comments quite accidentally; however, am apalled to see the statements that entire minority groups, secifically Hispanic and African-American oppose the same liberty for me as a lesbian that I support(ted) for them!

Fine. Go back to the way it was before caucasian Americans supported “your” rights. Then, come back and tell me that I, an American-first and foremost, should not have the equal rights you have.

mrsizer I have quite a good grip thank you.

I have been fired for being gay. I have been thrown out of an apartment for being gay. I’ve had a brick thrown through my window with a note attached that said “Move or die fag” I have in fact been run out of town in the middle of the night. Not to mention the beatings.

Civil rights? No I don’t think so. Lets try Human Right. We’re ALL human and we should all have the same righs. It’s as simple as that.


i think homosexuality is a sin…i also think lieing is a sin…should liers be denied their rights? no! i would never encourage homosexuality, and i think it is appaling that the church should ever accept it! i would think it equally appaling if the church accepted lieing as moral!! I think this issue raises many questions, but, homosexuals should be treated with LOVE…thats the bottom line…and i believe that legislation needs to be passed giving them equal rights and priveleges…they don’t need to be married though…if its the privileges they want, give them those! not a marriage liscence…marriage is for man and a woman…why can’t homosexuals have their own form of commitment, different than marriage…cuz let’s face it, BEING STRAIGHT AND BEING GAY IS DIFFERENT!!! we don’t have to have the same exact lives, but we should all be treated fairly!!!

Hey you with the Bible - pass it this way so I have something heavy to hit you with. Daft fool. Its not my bible so why should I live by your rules?

gay people need god in there life not only that they need a new personality

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