Mississippi judge thinks gay people are insane

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A dog kills your lover. You sue the dog's owner. Here's a Mississippi judge who thinks you should be locked up in an insane asylum.

In a 5-2 decision, Mississippi's high court chose not to sanction Judge Connie Glenn Wilkerson for saying "gays and lesbians should be put in some type of mental institute... " ...

Wilkerson, who has served as a justice court judge for eight years, said in 2002 the letter was in response to a national news story published in The Mississippi Press about a lesbian suing the owners of a dog that attacked and killed her partner. He said he was expressing his opinion about a California law that grants partners the same right to sue as spouses or family members.

Judge's comments on gays protected


Mississippi? Why does that not surprise me.

Call Connie at (601) 947-4834 and let her know how you feel. That is the court phone number.

Well, let’s be fair, this isn’t exactly a new idea. Homosexuality (i.e., the concept invented in the 19th century, not the practice of men fucking men) was classified a mental illness for much longer than it’s been considered acceptable behavior. It doesn’t make this story any less terrifying, but this isn’t out of nowhere.

I bet that mental institute would be the best decorated in all of the psychiatric kingdom. No piss stained chairs, smokey fug or self mutilation here. It’d be all matching scatter cushions, Disco Dance therapy and latte with your medication.

And as for the nurses uniforms: it’d be like Studio 54; roller skates and satin shorts.

Book me in.

That Judge is just jealous.

the judge is right there is something off in gay peoples head,and marriage is for a man and a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

homosexuals also should not be allowed to adopt children either,homosexality is sickening not to mention disgusting . get right with the lord you can change it is a lifestyle it is learned they werent born gay they choose to be homosexual

Anyone who thinks gay/lasbian people are mentally ill is wrong. Heterosexuals are the most screwed up people. The majority of sex criminals are hetero men. Hetero men have caused a lot of the worlds problems since the beginning of time. The so-called religious right are fascist /totalitarin uptight nut cases. Their fascist ideas are similar to the rise of Hitler/Nazism/Totalitarin regimes.

Hey Paige,

Does “getting right with the Lord” involve dance steps too?

Get left with the Lord, get right with the Lord, heel, kick-turn, and cha cha cha.

I like to dance.

Maybe me and the Lord of the Dance can do The Bump to Chic?

I’ll wear the boob tube and roller-skates, he can come as he is, in a billowing dress and sandals.

Maximum fabulosity.


When did you choose to be a hetrosexual? Does this mean that there is a chance you would actually like sexual stimulation from a member of your own gender? After all, you chose to be hetro, right?

I am new to commenting on these message boards but I couldn’t resist responding on this one.

I am a 31 married southern Baptist woman, who believes fully in our lord, and seeing a couple comments on here like “getting right with the lord” “TEH GAYS ARE WRONG. THEY ARE DESTROYING MARRIAGE..” I couldn’t hold my two cents worth.

With technology moving forward, medicine advancing, we are still stuck on issues that are played out by personal fears.

To each their own and it’s time that we all start acting like adults, become good role models for our children and accept what is different in this world, because diversity is what makes life wonderful.

I do have to give a big cheer out to the gay community, I have never in my life met more outstanding human beings. Their spirit is so full of life more than I can say about many straight folks.

Two of my best friends are gay men and I would never want them to change, I love them for being them and would not have it any other way.

Boycott atavistic Mississippi. In Flannery O’Connor’s Good Country People the state is referred to as ” nothing but a hillbilly dumping ground.”

Thanks Serrena, Its good to know that there are decent people in all parts of america.

I don’t get why some people are so upset over gay marriage. Perhaps its because I am gay myself that I can’t understand the prejudices against us. But how would people who are straight like it if it was only gay marriage that was allowed? What if it homosexuality that supposudly god supported? Why can’t these people who slur us look at from our point of view for once?

All I have to say is I’m glad I live in massachusetts. (Course we could do without Mit.)

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Mississippi judge thinks gay people are insane.

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Mississippi judge thinks gay people are insane
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