Mom's who would abort gay babies

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Some days I think it'd be best if a giant asteroid slammed into the planet and killed us all.

"I have heard from women who told me that if they found out that they were carrying a child with the gay gene, then they would abort. I think this is wrong," Duprey said when the bill was introduced in February.

Gay Fetus Bill Dismissed


How about if a giant asteroid crashed into the planet and killed all the stupid people? Or maybe just the people I dislike, or who disagree with me? ;)

That much has been predictable from day one. And you know who’ll be having them? It’ll be the religious women who are currently standing outside the abortion clinics waving placards.

It’s going to be a good joke when scientists realise, too late, that the evolutionary purpose of gays is to stop heterosexual aggression boiling over and destroying society, or something like that.

I would never abort a child if he or she had a gay gene. Thats not a reason to abort a child.

This will all be a moot point soon, what with the advent of designer babies. You’ll walk into the hospital, and they’ll hand you a menu. You want a gay albino daughter with an IQ of 400 and psychic powers, no problem!

I am Italian, please bear with my english! The genes that might influence someone to be gay are most certainly shared with heterosexuals. Heterosexuals would be the ones spreading these gay genes. In fact, most people with these gay genes are probably heterosexual. These gay genes most somehow contribute to the survival of humans. Anyway, just becuase someone has these gay genes, wont make them gay. Just because they dont have these genes, doesn’t mean they wont be gay. Behaviours are complex!

Boy, you really can find ‘em Richard, I’ll give you that. You have a nouse for a story that would make you a formidable tabloid editor— and in fact if you edited the tabloid I’d probably buy it! Hassle you for a job, even.

Any abortion is a tragedy. It is a woman’s right, but that doesn’t make it any less of a tragedy, especially if the foetus and mother are healthy.

People in the Thrid World who advocate terminating girl foetuses…..Well. I’m old enough and well travelled enough to know that you can’t make those cultural leaps and place your value system on other cultures, but still, the idea repulses me. Where, as in Britain, with a well-developed health care system and social support schemes, people from other ethnic backgrounds have followed this practice, it should be condemned and banned.

And the idea that anyone would terminate a foetus because it carries a a gene that might possibly predispose the eventual adult to a non-societally standard sexuality is, frankly, past my powers of description.

I don’t know whether Duprey is genuine or cunningly hoping to drive a wedge between liberal gays and liberal women, but what kind of societal pressures would bring a woman, any woman, to ever consider killing her baby because it might turn out gay? That’s just beyond belief. R

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Mom's who would abort gay babies
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