Mr. Penis Pill goes on a gay tour

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On and off I've wondered why some master spammer didn't aim penis enlargement spam at gay men. The only email I've seen on my account in ages is from local hustlers and Internet webcam boys. There are a fair number of venues for exploiting the fears of gay men. Thankfully the petty email unibombers haven't sought us out. (The real fear would be they'd start pushing weak or worthless HIV meds the way they do the inert pills they happily sell as Vicodin and Soma.)

In my permanent stage of financial emergency I've been considering affiliating with a couple of the better gay erotica websites. Poking around this afternoon I discovered something called the Penis Pill has launched its "gay tour." With luck the tour doesn't include our inboxes. They'll prey only on the gay men who spend some of that discretionary income we are supposed to have on dirty picture and videos.

Oddly the tour ends or has a special day on April 1st. It'd be funny if the mastermind made April Fools out of his co-conspirators by closing shop and leaving the country.

Oh, and in case some promoter of this product drops by (they often do) I've already read how this is the One True Herbal Penis Enlargement Pill. Yeah sure, ragweed extract with a "unique delivery system" or something like that.


If there were such a thing as a penis enlargement pill that worked, would you share the formula with anyone else? Or just keep taking it until you had the biggest penis in the world?

It’s like those guys who advertise they have a book demonstrating a foolproof way to make millions of dollars— by competing against the guy who wrote the book.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Mr. Penis Pill goes on a gay tour.

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Mr. Penis Pill goes on a gay tour
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