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A story from nearby Raleigh here in North Carolina.Hunt School's principl claimed the posters weren't conducive to learning.

[Jarred] Gamwell's fight gained national attention when he got the American Civil Liberties Union to protest a principal's decision to remove two of the teen's campaign posters - one which read "Queer Guy for Hunt High" and another declaring "Gay Guys Know Everything!"

Gay Teen Loses High School Election

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I am a student at Hunt High and me and many more students attending Hunt are not very happy with what Jarred did. He ruined our schools reputation and now people think our schools full of queers. I know there is many other bad rumors at high schools that are in the same area as ours…He didnt have the right to do that and he should have kept his sex life to himself, it doesnt have anything to do with school or winning the election.

We feel so sorry for all the self-pitying little straight boys at Hunt High School.

And who would care that isn’t evil-minded if Hunt High School does have lots of gay students?

The school is not the place to promote the queer agenda. Here in Elmira, NY the “gays” have chosen to become teachers and “councel confused teens to deter suicide”. Really it’s just recruiting of the most vulnerable of our population. There is one such teacher that collects pictures of his most prized gay students and displays them in his kitchen. He has a special area for the ones that have died of the aids virus. Isn’t that special. Perhaps without his “counseling” these students would be alive with families and children of their own. Thank God one has retired after years of recruiting in our public school. However others have sought the same agenda and are succeding because of our politically correct liberal school system.

Anybody who uses a phrase like ‘queer agenda’ can’t be taken seriously.

Anyone who thinks that gay people recruitable or that people can be recruited to a sexuality that isn’t theirs is plain nutty.

I’m sorry, but does it realy matter to you if the school looks like it’s full of queers? If more people were like some of the queers at your or any bodyelse’s school, than everyone would be better off. Just because some people beet to a different drummer doesn’t make them a bad person. I although still think that it wasn’t the “right” phrase the person put on the poster, he did do something that he shouldn’t have done, but do you have to be so mad at him?

i do not attend hunt high but i do go to a school in the area and i think that what he does is his own business but i do think that that is personal information that he needs to keep to his self what did his sexual life have to do with a school election anyway.

I’m a student at Hunt High School, and came across this while looking for our school’s site in Yahoo, and just wanted to leave my say on the matter. I don’t hate Jared at all for what he did, by all means, but I do think that the principle did have the right to remove the posters. You don’t advertise your sexual preference in order to win a school position - what if someone put up a sign that said “I’m not gay, so I’m the man for the job. Vote for me!”.. it would have gotten the same publicity, and the principle would have definately taken it down.

The news twisted the story into making HHS staff and students sound like biased homophobic gay bashers, when really, we aren’t. Like I mentioned before, sexual preference, religion, sex, race, shouldn’t be a motivation to recieve votes. “I’m black, vote for me/ I’m jewish, vote for me”… it doesn’t matter, they still need to be taken down, because it DOES distract us.

I have to agree completely with the person who posted above.

I donīt think being gay is any different from -any- other personal trait. A big issue is made out of it because there are people who are incredibly stupid and decide to judge someone out of this minor detail of personality.

I am gay, and if I was the principal of that school I would have forbidden the student from using his sexuality to get votes too.

Well, maybe. If you were a gay teenager in North Carolina right now you might find your social reality made you feel just a little different.

ur all stupid makin this a big deal!! I mean a cite for HHS about some gay retard get a life gay guy Jarren you are a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Jarred’s sister. I graduated in 2003. Although I’m extremely displeased about the comments made here, I am not one bit surprised. I’m sorry that my brother ruined Hunt’s oh-so wonderful reputation (read with sarcasm) and that now (OH GOSH) everyone thinks Hunt is filled with “queers” (no! not that!). Why don’t you check yourself.

To “nogayplease”: learn how to spell before you begin typing a response. It just makes you look like an idiot. Go back to high school and learn proper grammar.

No, you wouldn’t put “I’m not gay so vote for me” on a sign because being heterosexual is privileged in our patriarchial system. Those who are not heterosexual are a minority and therefore oppressed. Jarred was simply letting everyone know who he was and who your vote would go for - someone who’s homosexual. He was witty and used it as advertising.

About being distracted: high school authorities seem to think everything is distracting these days: clothing, hair color, hair style, FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Maybe you need to learn to be distracted now. Once you get out into the real world, you’ll be distracted by these things every single day of your lives — you might as well get used to it. And anyway, you all act as though you have no self-control whatsoever. Take some responsibility. You have free will and can decide what to let distract you and what not to let distract you.

Whether or not you agree with homosexuality, ask yourselves this question: where’s your freedom of speech going? This doesn’t only affect homosexuals, but basically anyone who’s not a white, middle-upper class heterosexual man. It’s called The Patriarchy. We live in it. We contribute to it. We lose from it.

Some of you all need to get a reality check. Your lives thrive on hate.

I totally agree with you Jarred ‘s Sister. I am also a student at hunt and graduated this year. You people need to take a look at what goes on in the real elections all like the Barry Goldwater election. He supported segregation and did nothing to and that was offensive to supporters of integration! My main point is, that people are always gone to offend others, and their is nothing you can do about it even if the posters are taken off of school ground, the idea is not going to suddenly fade away. If you really did not agree with Jarred philosophy , you bunch of narrowminded-bible-tooting(not all christians) ignoramuses (those at hunt who thought it was a big deal anyway!!) to debate him against him on the issue(which I really didn’t think was a big issue seeing that , their are a whole lot of issues that need to bee brought up such as longer lunches and off -campus lunch!) , I mean that is what a democrarcy is about! Debating and rebutting the ideas of your opponent. Anyway, Go Jarred , even though I am kinda a little late for challenging the status quo! You won the election in my heart, because you made people rethink, about free speech, and thats revolutionary!

gay people scare the shit out of me.

well i agree with Jarred’s sister, and anyone else who said that this shouldn’t be a big deal. Yes he is gay, and there is nothing wrong with that. But i also agree that he could have written something else that might have gotten him even more votes. Im gay and the only reason im still ‘hidden in the closet’ is because of all u straight homophobes. Seriously im scared to crap at what some of the guys at my highschool would do to me if they found out. And for any ignorant person that thinks that gay people are attracted to all guys, we aren’t we are still human beings and being gay doesnt mean were gonna f* any guy who passes by.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about No queer guy for hunt high.

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