North Carolina bible thumpers oppose gay marriage

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Thoughtful remark from a great thinker here in my own home town.

"The Bible states clearly that homosexuality is not the norm," said one of the respondents, Gwen Yueh, 37, of Durham. "I feel that God instituted marriage between a man and a woman for the purposes of pleasure and procreation."

Hey, lady, you take the babies and we'll take the pleasure.

Her remarks were in response to a survey on same-sex marriage here in the Tarheel State, home of illiberal fanatics.

A survey this month of likely voters found that 56 percent favored prohibiting gay marriage through an amendment, 38 percent disagreed and the remaining 6 percent were not sure.

N.C. voters back gay union ban


I am a lesbian girl, 13, who lives in Cary North Carolina. I am like a lot of girls. I dream of having a beautiful wedding dress and an elegant wedding with all the people I love there. I don’t see how not allowing same sex marriage is at all constitutional. I don’t understand why people expect their beliefs to be everyone’s view because even I know that life doesn’t work that way. This land was sought for freedom from religious persecution. If many believe that a higher god watches over them, then I support them whole heartedly but I don’t believe in that god. That is one of my freedoms. If the only issue some people have is that their god disagrees with homosexuality I don’t think that they can view that as a ligitimate reason that same sex marriage should be illegal. Regardless of their personal faith. I don’t have much power or respect in this world but I hope people will find it in their hearts to let me have a wedding some day, with the woman I love.

I don’t know if North Carolina will allow gay people to marry anytime soon. But some states will. Gay people may come to congregate in those states where they and the one the love most get the most respect and civil rights.

Ontario allows gay marriage for the time being but who knows how long that will last. I think there should be a worldwide ban on bible-thumping idiots.

Personally, I think a ban on gay marriage is completely unconstitutional, especially on any grounds relating to the Bible or any other holy book. Our country was founded on the principle that each and every American will be entitled to LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I feel that being legally married to whoever you wish counts as “pursuit of happiness”. In addition, the FIRST AMENDMENT of our constitution quite clearly says that no part of the government or laws thereof may apply to any person’s religion. It’s very sad how so many states are contradicting our constitution and then saying how gay marriage itself is unconstitutional by twisting words around. Keep blogging! Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world, for it is the only thing that has!!!

Regarding what the Bible says about homosexuality being a sin and consequently “bible thumpers” opposing gay marriage, the “Christian” right has it wrong.

I invite you to read: “Connecting the Biblical Dots: Why Jesus Is For Same-sex Marriage.” It’s a biblically grounded paper that gives a convincing argument why homosexuality is not a sin to God and why marriage, including same-sex marriage, is the acceptable standard. You may read it here:

Kind Regards,

V.L. Carey The Purple Pew Stand Up For Truth

In my opinion people shouldn’t based there opinion on the bible. For those that want to get marryed whether it be with a man or a woman that is there choice. Who are we the people to decide what god might think. I am not god and when it comes judgement day they themselves will have to stand in front of him and not me. Its not fair to tell someone that the person that they love they can’t be together because the bibles says not to. The bible as says not to kill or lie and people do it all the time. Rock on for the people that stand up for there love regardless what people may say. You are blessed

JESUS LOVES THE WORST OF LOST SOULS BOUND FOR HELL. YOU POOR PEOPLE NEED to give your hearts to AN all forgiving and merciful loving GOD.homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of GOD.THE SPIRIT OF HOMOSEXUALITY IS A DEMON SPIRIT, one that will doom your souls to everlasting damnation in the lake of fire for eternity

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about North Carolina bible thumpers oppose gay marriage.

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Durham, NC , Sodomitical Polity
North Carolina bible thumpers oppose gay marriage
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