North Carolina: queer library book shocker

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Here in the great Tarheel state a visit to the public library can cause anxiety and sweaty palms. You never know what cultural shocks await you.

King & King & Family tells the story of two young men who come to love each other. It sat on the Freeman Elementary School Library's shelves for a couple of years until an Eastern North Carolina family saw it.

"I was flabbergasted," Hartsell said. "My child is not old enough to understand something like that, especially when it is not in our beliefs."

When you are a kid it can be hard for you to understand what your parents can't. If you can and are wise you will probably keep your wise young lips shut. The deep thinkers are talking of transferring their innocent to another school.

"We have a lot of diversity in our schools," said Elizabeth Miars, Freeman's principal. "What might be inappropriate for one family, in another family is a totally acceptable thing."

Back in the roaring twenties flaming youth were often looking for a gay time without having any idea they were evoking the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. When Nietzsche wrote The Gay Science he was alluding to chivalry (a feeling that femme gay guys have always evoked in me).

When Americans aren't illiterate they are ahistorical, semi-hemi-demi-literate. History vanishes, all culture before the idiot box called TV spins away forgotten. Television: the great equalizer, vulgarizer.

Is my "I'm a Pervert" button on straight?



A bit off-topic, but American culture is plebian because the plebes have a say in it. “Elite” culture is dying in America for good reason, there aren’t enough elites to support it in the face of Nascar and the WWF. This is NOT a bad thing.

I haven’t read it, yet, but “The Rage and the Pride” by Oriana Fallaci is supposed to be great on this subject.

As a used bookdealer I get to see a reasonable slice of literate and learned folk. From reading Mencken it is hard to see signs that average American culture has diminished over the decades.

Also as a bookdealer I see plenty of recently published good books coming in.

Even back in, say, the late 16th century the public went for the pamphleteers not the courtly poets. Though I’d rather read Thomas Nash than Spencer or Spenser any day.

The “topic” business is meant to curb the religious maniacs who sometimes invade.

Actually, the book in question is King & King. King & King & Family is the sequel that has just been released this month.

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North Carolina: queer library book shocker
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